Plus Sized Dressing Advice
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Revamp wardrobe consultant Beth Berliner gives some fashion advice for plus sized women.


Wardrobe Tips: Looking Thinner - as part of the women's style series on clothing and fashion by GeoBeats. Do not sacrifice being comfortable and confident because you have a certain kind of type of body type. It is really important to dress and feel good in what you wear. One of the rules of thumb is to stick to darker colors if you have a bigger body type. Another rule of thumb, is no big bold patterns. You know, keep it simple and small. The other thing that I really recommend is looking at what stores like Eileen Fisher have on their mannequins and go in and touch, and feel and look at some of those clothes. They might not be the exact clothes you buy but if you get an idea of what they put on their mannequins and how the outfit looks, you might start to feel a little more comfortable with it. The bottom line is nothing to over sized, you are not trying to hide everything,and nothing to tight, there is no reason to do that. However you feel most confident is how you should dress.