Playing Darts - Basics
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This instructional step by step video series will show how to play darts. Experts teach you to master the popular darts games 310, 501 and cricket.


Hi, I am Darren Parzow, Executive Director of the Washington Area Darts Association. Today I am joined by Doug Watkins and we are here to teach you how to play darts. Today we are going to go over the basics of darts and how to pick equipment, proper technique, how to play the dart games of 301, 501, Cricket, also how to play some practice games as well as dart etiquette and how to keep score. Just a safety tip, darts are sharp objects and should not be considered toys, children should be supervised by adults while using darts. As members of the Washington Area Darts Association Doug and I have both have been playing darts for well over ten years. Together we have accumulated many league titles, singles, doubles, triples tournament titles and both have been inducted in the National Darts Hall of Fame. So let's get started on teaching you how to play darts.