Playground Strength Training for a Firmer Lower Body
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Do these toning moves at the park for a firmer lower body with Prevention's Michele Stanton.


Playground Strength Training for a Firmer Lower Body Taking your workouts outside doesn’t mean you have to forego strength training to get a great lower body workout just find some playground equipment or a bench. For a step up that works your gluts and your thighs stand in front of a step and bring one foot up and then the other. Step back down and then switch legs, come up and down continue alternating legs for about 15 to 20 rounds. When you’ve completed that try one leg squat, come on top of the step near the edge with one leg hanging off. Hold on to something for balance, keep your abs nice and tight and bend the knee and sit back, lower and come back up. This is a great way to firm your thighs and your butt. When you’ve done about 10 to 15 rounds, switch sides and repeat with your other leg. Aim to do this workout about three times a week ad you’ll see great results. Check back tomorrow for more 60-second solutions.