Platinum Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Advice
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Jewelry and style expert Michael O'Connor answers the questions you need to know about engagement rings and wedding bands. Visit for an extensive gallery of affordable platinum styles or for more information.


5 Questions with Michael O’Connor Jewelry and style Expert Question # 1: What is the best metal for a wedding jewelry? Platinum is really considered the best metal for wedding jewelry because platinum has an immense amount of durability. That means that when a couple get to engage with ring or wedding band, their pattern is one where down the beautiful engravings that they proudly inside won’t wear down. And more importantly when you’re investing in a diamond, it will hold the diamond more securely forever. Question # 2: Can we afford platinum engagement rings? There is a pretty of platinum engagement ring or wedding band for almost every price point. Wedding bands can be as little as approximately $325 and go up from there to get it really high quality platinum wedding band. Engagement rings of course you’ve got to take this center diamond into consideration. One thing that guys don’t want to forget though is that when they are buying a diamond engagement ring. Don’t spend all of the money on the diamond. The setting is as important as the diamond for that whole day because that’s really with holding it securely. Question # 3: What are the trends right now for wedding bands? The most popular style for ladies’ wedding bands really range from very classic high polished bands that just fits nicely and begins to engagement ring and just make a simple statement to bands that are a little bit more ornate in the field. Maybe something with a little bit of engraving on them or maybe even something that has diamonds all around it. For man, the most popular styles are the classics- settled design, probably not with too many diamonds but maybe a beautiful rope pattern that set into the band on either side. Question # 4: Will platinum fit my wedding day style? When you’ve a got a naturally white metal like what then it’s going to go with everything and that’s why celebrities choose platinum for red carpet events because no matter what the color of the gown platinum is going to be going well with it. Question # 5: How can e make our platinum wedding bands unique? I think one of the nicest things that couples do today are beautiful engravings o the inside of the wedding band because I think that that is a wonderful way for the couple to share a very, very special member. It’s not necessarily share but everybody else.