Plating the New York Strip Steak
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Chef Bryan Davis walks you through the process of preparing and plating New York Strip Steak. Part 3 of 3.


Rob Carlson: Hi, my name is Rob Carlson. I’m a radio personality and I cooked and today we’ve got these nice roasted strips steaks. Let’s talk about cooking temperatures and how we’ve done this. Bryan: What I was thought and what I will follow is 125 degrees. Rob Carlson: Okay. Bryan: Is that removed from the heat source temperature. Rob Carlson: Okay. Bryan: So that the eating temperature is around 130 degrees from medium well. Rob Carlson: Okay. Bryan: Okay, and then this aggress these 5 degrees per done this. Rob Carlson: Okay. Bryan: So 130 for medium, 135 for medium well, 140 for well done. Rob Carlson: Yeah, and 200, by the way my wife likes it. We’ve got cognac butter. We are going to show you how to serve the steaks with the butter and then we’re also going to eventually show you a couple of great sides that you can add to the plate. But for now, this is the steak and you can make your own sides if you'd like too, like mash potato or a baked potato or whatever. So, let’s go ahead and serve one up here Bryan. Bryan: Okay, what we’ll do--you want to make sure we’ve change out our cutting board here so we are not longer working on the same cutting board that had the raw meat on it. Rob Carlson: Yes. Bryan: Okay! So, in terms of serving the steak you can do a couple different ways. This is a fairly large steak. Rob Carlson: Yes, for you it is. Bryan: A lot people large for me. A lot of people--this would be a regular portion steak. Rob Carlson: Sure. Bryan: Okay, for a lot of people this would be a bit much. Rob Carlson: Yes. Bryan: So, couples of different variations in how you can serve this. Rob Carlson: Okay. Bryan: What we want to do is we are going to slice across the grange. Rob Carlson: Sure, that is nice too. Bryan: Okay and what you’ll notice you’ll see the fat cut on here which helps the flavor the New York Strip Steaks. Rob Carlson: Yeah, my dad always said that the fat was the best part and I’m like I think he’s just doing that, so I’ll eat it. I don’t know what the deal is. But it does flavor to me. That’s perfect Bryan its looks great. Bryan: And another trick in terms of serving. Rob Carlson: Yes. Bryan: By slicing it like this, you can stretch it out to where it looks bigger. Rob Carlson: Absolutely. Bryan: Okay and I appeal when you set something down it pretty much already see what you are going to eat. Rob Carlson: Sure. Bryan: Okay. Rob Carlson: Well, I like your presentation here and again if you also got somebody who doesn’t want to eat like me and my friends, you know, it is a very nice presentation. It is a manageable portion itself. That is great, excellent. Bryan: And what I would do in terms of serving this -- Rob Carlson: Yes. Bryan: For the fat cut, you can do one of two things, you can cut it off. Rob Carlson: Okay. Bryan: Okay, which is I would suggest doing. Rob Carlson: Yes, sure. Bryan: Since if not, I don’t know how many people--that they’re going to eat that. Rob Carlson: No. But I know some dogs who would. Bryan: Oh, no doubt, I didn’t say throw it away. Rob Carlson: That’s what I’m saying. Bryan: Yes, so we are going to remove that and then basically what we are going to do is just kind a pick up the fan as it is and kind of just set it on the plate. Rob Carlson: Beautiful. Bryan: Okay, and that’s going to be about a 5 ounce serving. Rob Carlson: That’s fantastic. Bryan: And that in terms of a healthy red meat portion. Rob Carlson: Sure. Bryan: You know that’s where were at. Rob Carlson: About the size of a deck of cards. Bryan: Okay. Rob Carlson: Yeah! And then if you know if your are going to serve asparagus or whatever, obviously you're going to fill it up. This is how you serve the steak, how do we do the butter? We just put the butter on raw like this, or we melt it or anything like that? Bryan: Yes, the way I like to do it. Rob Carlson: It will melt. Bryan: Just kind of put it on and -- Rob Carlson: Very good. Bryan: Okay, and then I’m a big green onion fun. Rob Carlson: Oh, there you go. Bryan: So, we can always give a little bit of color. Rob Carlson: Absolutely. Bryan: A little bit of green onion. Rob Carlson: I love it, okay there you go guys. We’ve got some beautiful New York Strip Steaks with an herb cognac butter, beautiful and simple. Thank you chef Bryan. Bryan: You’re welcome. Rob Carlson: Alright.