Picking Up Women At The ShoppingMall
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Game you can play else when you – with the wingman. That’s very simple, what you do is, go to an ATM, and you draw out $100, and when you get that $100, you get change, you get five $20 bills. Then you have to have a wingman for this, and you have to have a trustful wingman so he doesn’t run off with your money. You give him five $20 bills, and every time you do an approach -- you see a girl over there, it’s like approach. When he says approach, you have to approach and you have to do it. And if you don’t, you loose 20 bucks. So you run over, you run over there, you do an approach, ‘hey, can I get a quick female opinion’ or, ‘hey, you very beautiful, my name is Alex. You walk back -- it doesn’t matter whether you get success or not, it doesn’t matter. The main fact that you approached is good enough. Now, you come back. As soon as you come back, he gives you 20 bucks; the reward system. It’s really strange, I don’t really understand it will pay, but I am saying that something clicks upstairs. When you run over, you do something that scared off, then you run back, he gives 20 bucks in your hand like that. As soon as -- it’s just something you better find about that, it makes a lot of easier, it makes you more compelled to do more approaches. So that’s the first technique. The second technique is actually, as I have got a funny story about this. I met my first girlfriend about five years ago at Bondi shopping mall, and for those who don’t know it, Bondi shopping mall is great place to meet women. It’s just -- it’s like an abundance full of women like, they are there, I like to sit there into their world, they are thinking about what dress they are going to buy, what dress you are going to wear for the party, what I am going to cook with dinner that night -- they don’t think about money troubles and they are not thinking about the stress, their work, that are into their head, and it’s a great place to talk to women. So I was standing in this tea shop, it’s a particular tea shop, its like tea two. Alright, they sell all these like teas from all the countries and continents around the world, and I was standing in this massive shop, about half the size of this room and had all these boxes, all these different teas. I was standing there at the counter, and I was ordering my coffee, ironically. I got my coffee, and behind me I can hear is clickly clank, clickly clank, clickly clank, and it stopped. I peered up over my shoulder, and I saw one of the hottest girls I have ever seen in my entire life. This girl could -- this girl could be -- this girl is a model, like she has to be. She is a glamored up girl. It’s like 1 O’clock in the afternoon, I have never seen a girl look so hot at 1 O’clock in the afternoon. And, this is back in my nervous days, I was feeling that as -- the thing is, when you read about this stuff, when you read it, when you read all these e-books, Go and do the approach, Three-second rule, Being yourself, and you don’t do the approach, what happens is you start beating yourself up. You start thinking, well, man, I know I should do the approach, but I am not. You start really putting pressure on yourself which you don’t need, because you just don’t need to add that pressure, because it’s stressful enough as it is. So standing there, I was shaking, I was like, God, this is terrifying, and my wingman was outside. Now we have this game, it’s called -- it’s a bit violent, right, but we have this game. Basically, he will point out to a girl, you’ll approach that girl, otherwise, I am going to slam you in the arm. That’s a big jab, you just jab in the arm. He is just going to embarrass you in some way or other. It’s kind of bad luck, in Mulan -- has anyone ever seen Mulan, the Walt Disney film? I don’t mean to do many movie metaphors but in Mulan, there is a big jolly fat guy, right, massive jolly fat Asian guy with a small little head, lovely as hell, wouldn’t have to flatten, intimidating as -- you look at him and you just don’t want to talk to him, he is just too scary, an intimidate guy. My wingman looked exactl