Picking The Perfect Embryo
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This is a health video about how doctors are able to pick the correct embryo for use.


Female Speaker: He's just amazing. Male Speaker: We call him our miracle baby. Jennifer Matthews: A miracle, that almost did not happen. Female Speaker: We almost walked away. Jennifer Matthews: This couple tried for two years to have a baby. Doctors suggested in vitro fertilization. In the midst of their grief, they said no. Female Speaker: An hour later we came back and we said, okay, we changed our mind, we're going to do it. Jennifer Matthews: Their doctor, Larry Werlin, offered a procedure that would ease some of their anxiety. Dr. Larry Werlin: It's made us take another look at how we evaluate things. Jennifer Matthews: Instead of relying on the appearance of the embryos to decide which to implant, PGD tests for chromosome abnormalities -- a major problem in women over age 38, those who have recurrent pregnancy loss, and women who failed in vitro. Dr. Larry Werlin: We have now data that shows that perhaps as much as 70 percent of the embryos they make are abnormal. Jennifer Matthews: Embryos like this one that looks perfect but has an extra chromosome or this one that had multiple abnormalities. Dr. Larry Werlin: This would have been an unsuccessful implantation or a probable early pregnancy loss. Jennifer Matthews: For this mother, PGD proved the emotional winner. Female Speaker: Just to see him and know he's ours, it's just amazing. Male Speaker: Our odds increased 84-fold just by doing the PGD. Jennifer Matthews: And for the doctor, it comes down to the end product. This is Jennifer Matthews reporting.