Photo Editing Tips with Picnik #7 - Adding Text and Stickers to Photos
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In Picnik, you can add text and even virtual stickers to your photos. While your sticker and text-strewn photos probably won't make it into an art gallery, these modes are perfect for sharing with friends on Facebook, MySpace or whatever social network your prefer. Check through the fonts and stickers that are available to spice up your snaps.


Adding text in over lays like stickers is easy. Click on create then text. All you need to do is type in the text you want added here and you can resize the text using this slider and click on it and drag it anywhere you like on the photo. To change the color, just select the color from this box. You can make it bold or italic or change the layout. There are also advanced blend modes which will take effect as you hover over them. And you can also flip the text. To change the font, just choose from one of the free ones provided. You can remove text by clicking on delete and add as much text as you like. You can also add fun stickers to your photos. Most of these are premium, but there are some free ones like earth day and just click on what you like and then you can drag it anywhere you like, resize it by dragging the corners in or out, change the color by using the color box, have it fade in or out etcetera. There are also free basic shapes, things like beards if there are people in the photo, romance, and loose drawings and again you can resize and move any of these around. There are zoo animals, really there’s too many to show, just have fun with it. Thanks for watching and don’t miss the next episode in the photo editing tips with Picnik Series.