Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag Review
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In the latest installment of Gear Daddy, Daddy Brad meets up with Petunia Pickle Bottom CEO Braden Jones at the ABC Kids Expo to discuss their latest line of baby diaper bags, the Scout Collection. These designer bags are great for both moms and dads. This leather bag can be used to carry baby wipes, diapers, and all sorts of baby accessories and comes with a diaper changing pad. When you outgrow the diaper bag, it makes a great shoulder bag for dad. It can hold a laptop computer, magazines ....


Brad: Hi I am daddy Brad from the ABC Kids Expo in Los Vegas. Now everybody knows that Petunia Pickle Bottom makes a wonderful covered diaper bag for mom but I actually didn't know, they make a great one for dad. In fact, it's my favorite one at the show. Stick around we are going to check it out. I am here with Braden Jones, CEO of Petunia Pickle Bottom and he is going to tell us about the Scout collection. Braden how are you? Braden Jones: I am good. Brad: Good. Man these are awesome bags. Tell me a little bit about them. Braden Jones: We have two different types of scout bag, felt and one in leather and multiple colors within those. So the leather is kind of our answer for sophisticated bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag for men. So this bag, not only is a diaper bag but it can also be carried after your baby, after you don't need it. So it has a great handle outside, so if you just picking it up and going with it, that's perfect and it's usually just over the shoulder stuff and carry it like that. So basically from the outside, you have multiple pockets; magazines, newspaper, anything back there, with two bottle pockets on either side, one either side. Brad: And they come off? Braden Jones: These come off. So after you are done with this and you don't want these anymore, you can put a beer in here if you want it. Brad: Nice or two. Braden Jones: Or two, or they just come off and it looks like a regular bag. Brad: Functionality, what's inside, show me that. Braden Jones: So opening this up, we have multiple things. We have water resistant pad for changing diapers. So you can lay this out and put it back. Brad: You can also carry a beer in there. You could have three. Braden Jones: Make sure you do, even more, you have more pockets. So we have a few more pockets in here. What it comes with is a removable liner. So this actually snaps out, and you have an extra line that comes with the - the liner, you have a diaper bag liner and then once you are done using this as a diaper bag, you get a laptop liner. So this actually has padding back in the back and straps actually hold your computer in so it won't fall out. With it comes clips for the stroller and a wipe case or cigar case, whatever -- Brad: Yeah you can use it, that's great and it's leather and it's -- Braden Jones: Yeah buffalo, I believe buffalo and a few different animals on this. Brad: Alright, these are awesome, these really are. You know, this is like 700,000 square feet of baby stuff, and tons of diaper bags, this is my favorite, I love it. Thanks dude. Well that's all for the ABC Kids Expo, I am Daddy Brad, we will see you at Thank you.