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Tips and advice for personal finance from the Dolans. This video focus' on personal investment advice.


Ken: As you know, Daria and I have hosted. We’ve stop counting but I don’t know. We’ve hosted more than five thousand radio and television shows and I would say predominantly. I mean personally and professionally we very much agree on most everything. Daria: Most everything. How soon ever! Ken: You found something. Daria: I did indeed. When I say— Ken: Well, wait this is a he said-she said. We want to do something else. Well, make this a he said-she said video. Daria: Okay. Ken: Give me the case. What’s the case? Daria: The headline read “Court rules Bank Robber can keep Lottery $1 Million Prize.” Ken: Oh, Massachusetts. Daria: You got it! Ken: Now, hold on. I think I know where it’s leading but that was called a violation him buying a lottery ticket was a violation of his pro and it read not to gamble or purchase lottery tickets or visit any establishment where gaming is conducted. That’s what the parole said. If you do that, you will violate parole. He won a million dollars and he’s already started getting the first of the twenty years worth of $50,000.00 per year. Twenty years, $50,000.00 Daria: So? Ken: So I say give him a break. It’s a small violation. Daria: What don’t you get about parole? The parole dictates and says you may not gamble. Ken: I'm standing here, the microphone works. The people can see you. Daria: You can argue that you didn’t go where gaming is conducted because if you walk into a grocery store and buy a lottery ticket or coffee shop and buy a lottery ticket or a newspaper stand and buy a lottery ticket, that’s a not a gambling establishment. I will grant you that but it is quite clear not to gamble or purchase lottery tickets, one million dollar lottery prize. Ken: Why are you screaming? Daria: Because it is just have seen. What is the State of Massachusetts have to pay to prosecute this guy and feel and keep them sheltered in prison before his parole came up? Ken: He said— Daria: That should go back to the state. Ken: He said-she said, that means two people speak. Daria: Go! Ken: What you’re saying is the letter of the law says is he’s not supposed to purchase lottery ticket, gamble or purchase lottery ticket. Daria: Where is this judge come off? Ken: The State of Massachusetts at least so far has said that he can keep the money. I say it’s a very small thing. Daria: I bet you. Ken: And may help in his rehabilitation. Daria: I bet you a million box of the minimum was spent between the trials, the conviction, the housing and the prison and now paying a parole officer to keep track them, nice job buddy. Ken: She said-he said, I think you have a point in that. I believe you still in a word of state by the way and somehow and some sort of capability. Daria: He is there under parole can live this thing. Ken: The bottom-line is Daria says “He should not get the money.” I say, “Let it be. I'm pretty cool about it.” Let it be maybe a little help in this rehabilitation but here’s the catch. Let’s see who wins this. I'm very opinionated that they should leave him alone by the way. Daria: All the judges already ruled. Is the state going back to court. Ken: No, no right now, he’s getting the money that’s were it stands. Dolans at, what do you think? Should he be allowed to continue to get the part of the million dollar prize 20, $50,000.00 a year? Daria: For 20 years. Ken: Or give the money back. That’s it. You violated a small piece of the parole. Give me the money back. Daria: But at very clear piece of the parole. You decide. Ken: Dolans at Daria: See he is there trying to pick the candidate for president in it. Ken: Whoever you think is right absolutely just give your opinion whoever you think is right okay? Let us know. Dolan at I got to tell you, I think it’s a very small. It’s just a small little thing. It was a small deal. Daria: Please, that’s against the law.