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Better.TV brings you people views and advice on online dating. People Views on Online Dating


Rhiannon Ally: Ah. Remember the good old days when people got to know each other out at restaurants, even at coffee shops. Well, that always changing with websites like Facebook, even Twitter. Now you simply sit at your computer, even through your phone and get everything you know. We hit the streets to find out the good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook dating. Male: I have friends all over the globe so I’m connected with them. You any fan mode with them I’m connected. Female: Sometimes it’s too open. People just give you unnecessary information hat you’re really not interested to know. Male: It’s also really impersonal about. Female: I look for their personality by…To see if they’re really like genuine. Male: I guess you look at their interest like favorite TV shows and stuff like that. You want to see people with similar interest. Female: You know you want to look through the pictures; you don’t want to see anything irresponsible. You want to see what type of person they are. How they represent themselves to the public. I think it’s important. Male: I like people update with like clothes or something like that or like lines from songs and then like you know that’ll sparks conversation and stuff like that so it’s kind of fun. Female: A friend when let’s say updated that he was going to the bathroom, and that’s like, “Yeah, I don’t have to know that.” Rhiannon Ally: Whether you use social media for dating or a simply to keep up with old friends, be careful what you post. Because once it’s on line, it’s there forever. For Better, I’m Rhiannon