Patriot Extreme Viper - DDR2 Memory Review
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Detailed product advice and reviews: this video focuses on the Patriot Extreme Viper DDR2 memory.


Welcome to PCWizKid’z Tech Talk. Today, I wanted to show you the Patriot Extreme Viper RAM. Basically, this is a DDR2 kit that I am about to review and show you. Now, this one here is Revision 2 of this kit. There was an earlier kit that was 2.3V. The requirements for the RAM, this one is actually 2.1V, the memory timing is still the same, 5-5-5-15 with a 1066MHz and this one here, we’re going to overclock of course with our system and get it to work and hopefully get some nice results. Now, this one here has a nice heat sink in either sides, you can see the heat spreaders 25 on either side actually for 50 of these little guys sticking out to dissipate the heat all right, so very nice, stylish look to it with the nice shiny chrome leathering on the side there. So, DDR2 and the Patriot name on the other side also in Chrome so it looks pretty nice, lifetime warranty by the way. And 100% tested and verified so you know there is quality behind the name. Now, the other thing here is that when you install it, you want to make sure that the notch is facing the proper way and that you port supports DDR2 and not the only DDR3. So. this will fit on a DDR3 port obviously. Now, here is the memory installed already on this board with a CPU cooler and as you can see there is room leftover between the CPU cooler and the actual memory. So, that is good right. So, many people ask me, “Will it fit? Right, well this memory fit. Will the cooler fit?” Well, obviously, between the cooler and the memory, there is room to spare. Okay now different types of memory modules might have slightly larger or smaller heat spreaders but this one in this case, our Patriot works great. Now when we boot up the system, it’s the AMD Dragon test System that I am using with the Phenom 2 overclocked, a Diamond HD 4890 the latest card, also overclocked and other recent and new components which I reviewed in previous videos. Now, I’ve gone into the BIOS, I’ve set up the voltage. I put it at 2.2V just to see what happens and I also did some tweaking in the memory timings to make sure it was set to 5-5-5-15 as described on the packaging and as it was rated. Now, you can go ahead and fill it around with that and change it. Now for the test, this is what I am using along with my overclocked processor of course. And when you go into CPU-Z here to take a look at what it’s finding, you can see the 4G here that are dual and unganged. There is the frequencies that you have. So, 508MHz here times two effectively and there is the 5-5-5-15 timing. So there you go, that is the proper setup that I’ve got and it’s stable. Now, when it comes to benchmarks, I am always looking for more frame rates per gaming of course. So what are the reads, writes and latencies, right? What are the timings and how does it compared to my other DDR2 RAM which has slightly different timings. Well, here it is. Right, I’ve got the Patriot read, write and latency test and then I’ve got DDR2 800 with slightly different slower memory timings and you can see, when you compare both, there is at least a 10% increase in performance. So, you know right off the back that with this RAM, you’re getting more performance than with your older RAM with different memory timings. So, that is one of the reasons why you’ll get this because you’re going to get a couple of frames per second for sure out of this plus you’re going to be able to notice difference in the response type and that is why I recommend this memory because of that right because of the performance that you get out of it. You can 10% and more even if you tweak it even higher and change those memory timings aggressively and increase the voltage a little bit, you can get more out of it and that is why I like it. So, I like to thank Patriot for providing this memory and I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for watching.