Paterno Statue Removed; NCAA to Punish School
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Penn State has taken down the famed statue of once-sainted Joe Paterno on a day when the NCAA announced it is about to spell out its punishment to the university for its handling of a child sex abuse scandal. (July 22)


[Location - Date:STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA --AP VIDEO -- JULY 22][Source:][VO:][Courtesy ESPN on First Shot}THE STATUE OF LEGENDARY PENN STATE COACH JOE PATERNO THAT STOOD FOR A DECADE OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL'S FOOTBALL STADIUM CAME DOWN ON SUNDAY.[AP VIDEO -- JULY 22 -- STATE COLLEGE, PA]A FENCE SURROUNDED THE SITE -- AND A BLUE TARP BLOCKED THE VIEW.THE STATUE'S REMOVAL BROUGHT OUT NUMEROUS PENN STATE ALUMS AND MANY CURIOUS ONLOOKERS.[Notes:SOT ---PATRICK THORP / RECENT PENN STATE GRADUATE]"when they were talking about taking down the statue, I was fearing it would happen. But I never thought they would go ahead and take the statue down."[Notes:SOT ------PETER SHULL / PENN STATE PROFESSOR]"it appears that we're taking away everything that is about this particular person."[Notes:VO ------------][AP Photos]THE STATUE WAS BUILT IN 2001 IN HONOR OF PATERNO'S RECORD-SETTING NUMBER OF DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL WINS AND HIS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNIVERSITY.THE SCHOOL'S PRESIDENT SAID HE DECIDED TO TAKE IT DOWN BECAUSE IT HAD BECOME "A SOURCE OF DIVISION" IN THE WAKE OF A CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL THAT TARNISHED PATERNO'S IMAGE -- AND THE SCHOOL'S -- AND LED TO THE CONVICTION OF FORMER ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH JERRY SANDUSKY.[Notes:SOT ----------PAUL GRAY / PENN STATE CLASS OF 1965]"it's a sad, sad day....we love joe...we love what he did....but he may have made a serious error in judgment."[Notes:SOT ---------DONOVAN PARTSCH / STATE COLLEGE RESIDENT]I think paterno's legacy will always be part of penn state....even if it is tarnished by the scandal."[Notes:VO -------------]SUNDAY, THE NCAA SAID IT WILL LEVY "CORRECTIVE AND PUNITIVE MEASURES AGAINST PENN STATE FOR ITS HANLDING OF SCANDAL.THE NCAA SAYS IT WILL SPELL OUT THOSE SANCTIONS ON MONDAY.-------------------------------THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: NED BARKER---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP VIDEO-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: MATT FRIEDMAN----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: a0776BC-US--Penn State-Abuse, 1st Ld-Writethru,959