Parents Online: Privacy and Your Kids
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Parents are blogging, posting pictures and videos, participating in communities like, but where do you draw the line? What is appropriate in terms of sharing images and stories online about your kids?


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to The Lounge, I’m daddy Brad. Daddy Clyde: And I’m daddy Clyde, this week the lounge is brought to you by Baby Banz, amazing sun protection for your little ones, Baby Banz. This week we’re talking a little bit about privacy online parenting conversations and sharing information about you and your parenthood online. Daddy Clyde: There’s a lot of bloggers out there, there’s a lot of people participating in conversations out there about parenting, is it cool to share information about your kids, pictures, whatever online. Daddy Brad: Yeah obviously, I do that now, I’ll share pictures and personal stories about what happens everyday at the house, you know, funny interesting things and I feel comfortable doing that especially at DadLabs. Daddy Clyde: How do you have a conversation without showing the particulars of your own experience, we’re not talking about your own kids and I am worried that you know that I don’t have their permission and I think a lot of bloggers think well I can’t ask my two year old if it’s okay, if I write about her potty training. Daddy Brad: You don’t need it, you don’t need permission. Daddy Clyde: I mean, you know. Daddy Brad: Your fear, you know. Daddy Clyde: I mean, you know, what happens when she’s a teenager and she comes at you with this huge rage you know, over a million people were with me in the bathroom when I was learning to crap for the first time and you talked about wiping my butt online, I mean is that a legitimate grievance? Daddy Brad: Oh no dude, you’re going to embarrass her so much just by being your big ass goofy stuff anyway, I don’t think I’m giving out any information that’s going to embarrass them that every other child has a problem. Daddy Clyde: Do you think it’s different to share images like this to right stores. Daddy Brad: Somewhat, I think you should be a little careful with the kind of images you share but I think sharing photos that are fairly generic. Daddy Clyde: It was --- it’s like purves, right? Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clyde: So with the --- are you worrying about purves looking at pictures of your kids online? Daddy Brad: Yes a little bit, that’s a touchy one but that’s why I say, I kind of liked to figure out where I am doing this. Daddy Clyde: You’re running the purves at the playground, you can’t live like hold up, I’m not going to tell anybody anything about my life, you missed the opportunity to participate in the community to have a conversation with the people that are online all over the world about parenting, to talk about your kids, to share your kit, I mean you miss out on that if you’re going to say okay, I’m so afraid of this purves out there, I’m not going to put any pictures, I’m not going to write about their experience, and for me it’s like letting the purves win, okay purve, you scared me because you little purvey self is out there looking at pictures on the web, therefore I can’t participate in community, I think it’s an outrage. I will not be intimidated by you purves into not sharing my experience. Daddy Brad: I agree with you, but just be cognizant about the type of picture you’re putting out there in the story you tell you know there’s some pictures that are appropriate for the family photo album and then there are some pictures that are appropriate for the web. But we also are, obviously when --- because we’ve created a community at, you can share videos, you can share pictures, you can share stories, you can create blogs, participate in discussions, share s much as you want to or as little as you want to so obviously we believe there’s value in that, we’re going to do our very best to make sure and I know in there, everyday all the time, if it seems like there’s activity that’s suspicious, we’re going to ban that person. Daddy Clyde: Yes, and we’re going to make sure that it’s a safe place to have a conversation so we encourage you to come on at, go to the community, create a profile, start a conversation, share photographs, look at other people’s photographs and comment on them. T