Parents of Brain Dead Girl Want Her Moved
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The family of a California girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery made a public plea Tuesday to have their daughter moved to a new facility. The family's lawyer says the hospital is refusing to allow for a procedure to make that happen. (Dec. 31)


SHOTLIST:KGO - COURTESY KGO, EMBARGO SAN FRANCISCO ALL SCRIPTS MUST INCLUDE: "USAGE OF THIS VIDEO IS LIMITED TO THE LESSER OF THE PERIOD OF THE DISPLAY RIGHTS IN YOUR CONTRACT WITH AP OR 60 DAYS.Oakland, California - December 31, 20131. SOUNDBITE (English) Nailah Winkfield, Jahai McMath's mother"I really hate it that they refer to Jahi as just "the body".. or the deceased.. because this is my child that they're talking about. her name is Jahi McMath. that is her name.. and they did not even refer to my child with her name.. and I feel like that is so disrespectful.. they referred to her by her name when I came in here.. so now all the sudden she's just the body or the deceased?"2. SOUNDBITE (English) Christopher Dolan, McMath family lawyer:"We'll back an ambulance up to that bay if they put a trachea in.. we will back an ambulance up.. Jahi will go in it.. and she will be gone from this place.. why would they want to keep her here? They say they will not do medical procedures on dead people... they do organ transplants..."STORYLINE:A 13-year-old California girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery remained on life support Tuesday after a state judge gave her family at least another week to find a place to move her.On Tuesday the girl's family made a public plea to the hospital to allow Jahi to be moved to another facility. The family's lawyer says they have been given permission to move the girl, but the hospital will not allow a tracheotomy to be done to allow the girl to be transported to a new facility.Doctors at Children's Hospital Oakland want to take Jahi McMath off the machines that are keeping her body functioning, saying she will never recover.