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We at the DadLabs think that Britney is too easy a target, and that she has suffered enough at the hands of the media. That is why we would like to offer our services as Parenting Coaches. Watch us flash our creative parenting license.


Daddy Clay: Hey welcome to the Dad Labs lounge we’re talking about Britney. Daddy Brad: Call the limo. Daddy Clay: Hey Britney, are you a mom? Welcome back down to the lounge, I am daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: And I am daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: This week we’re going to be talking a little bit about celebrity parenting news. Britney, recently no, I do not mean to pile on here but Britney was recently ordered by the courts to seek counseling from a parenting coach and Brad and I just wanted just to toss their names in the hat. Daddy Brad: Yes, you know Britney, you need us. You don’t need to go and find some Hollywood mumbo jumbo glitz and glam parenting coach. What you need is some good wholesome parenting advice from the trenches, from the trenches, gives us a call. Daddy Clay: Dude, being a parenting coach it is like, it’s different from being a middle school football coach. Daddy Brad: No, it is pretty much the same. Daddy Clay: You do not wear a whistle, there are no tight shorts involved, there are no clipboards. Daddy Brad: But there might be tight shorts with Britney, I mean, she could wear the tight shorts because she would not— Daddy Clay: Not anymore Daddy Brad: No, no, no I think there is a lot of similarities between parenting, coaching and middle school football coaching. The middle school, middle school football, those kids, those of some bitches do not know anything about football. Daddy Clay: That is the stupidest thing you have ever said in the lounge. Daddy Brad: And you have to teach them about football and they don’t know anything about football. These parents obviously, they do not know about parenting. And you have to teach them about parenting. Daddy Clay: That would require us to be parenting experts. Daddy Brad: Well, we just done it before. I didn’t go to school. Daddy Clay: I mean because clearly, we are clearly not, despite what it may seem, we are not parenting experts. Do not listen to us. Daddy Brad: No you do not have Daddy Clay Nichols CDB, CSDBSYNC. Daddy Clay: You know this whole thing actually got me thinking that maybe, I am thinking about maybe I am going to go through one of these, you know, licensing programs, maybe become a licensed parenting coach. Daddy Brad: Who licensed you? Daddy Clay: Because you go to the—I looked it up, I turned on the Google machine, it is right here, I got their website up, some parent coaching institute, just— Daddy Brad: Do you have to take an eye test, kind of like getting a driver’s license? Daddy Clay: No, I mean what is the fundamental skill for becoming a parent? It is not hard, it is not hard that is what I am saying and so I am thinking about it, because I think that if I, you know maybe if we are going to do this thing. If you are going to be here on the interwebs and we are going to be talking about parenting that maybe one of us— Daddy Brad: Should be licensed. Daddy Clay: Should be an actual expert instead of just a couple of knuckleheads in a basement bar talking about poopy diapers. Daddy Brad: But that is parenting man. That is what parenting is all about. What are the requirements, you have to be, you have to have been a parent before I hope. Daddy Clay: No, you have to have $6,000.00. It is pretty much the requirement. Daddy Brad: Yes we’d have to work for it. Daddy Clay: They do, I mean there is financing available. Daddy Brad: For $6,000.00? Daddy Clay: If you want to defraud the government, there is also some special ways to finance that but yes, so I am thinking maybe I want to be a parent coach and— Daddy Brad: I think we just, you do not need the licensing. I think we are parent coaches. We have been parenting for a long time. Daddy Clay: But the point of the question is all these parent experts out there, do you want from your parenting expert some kind of degree and or, you know what I think? That anybody who holds up themselves is a parenting expert? Whenever they appear on TV or anywhere, they should have to bring their damn kids. Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clay: I want to see your damn kids. If you are a parentin