Panasonic DMC-LX3: Set for Kids/Pets Scene
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Learn how to optimize the Panasonic DMC-LX3 for a kids/pets scene


In order to optimize your camera for taking picture of kids and pet is it is really just one thing you need to keep in mind. Kids and pets are not going to slow down for you to take the picture. So if you want a really pretty fast Shutter speed and you also want the focusing to be as fast as possible. So this camera does give you a scene mode for kids and pets. You can turn your mode dial to SCN and in the back; you can choose Kid’s or Pet’s. I have Pet’s right here and I have a Baby two and Baby one. These two babies’ settings as well as the pets settings allows you to save a main as well as a date of birth to all the picture that are taken using this modes. And that could be pretty fun. Another thing the two baby’s settings will do is reduce the power of the flash if the flash is being use, so you do not blind the child. So just, choose the appropriate setting press set, they will ask you to set an age and a name if you haven’t already then press set again to escape. Now the camera has been optimized. This mode does not allow me to con troll white balance, which is great because I may be taking this picture in doors or out doors, so the auto white balance is really not great for both situations, so I either set the white balance to either daylight or halogen depending on where I am located. But if you want to be able to control the shutter speed as well as the focusing you would not be able to use this mode. So the other thing you can do is go back to the program mode and then this is what I am normally using. So just keep it right here, you are focusing. If you have travel focusing, I would recommend using the manual focus and I will cover this in a little bit. But basically, it is very simple, just optimize your ISL on white balance for the scene, go out and press the quick menu button. The white balance if your out doors go with daylight, if it’s cloudy or if you are in the shade, you can warm up the tones by choosing one or the other. If your in doors go ahead and choose halogen then move over to ISL, if your in doors and there is not a lot of light, you want to increase the ISL so you will be able to increase the shutter speed , if your out door is as plenty of light, stick to AD ISL for the cleanest image possible. And assuming where out doors so I will just go ahead and stick to AD ISL go ahead and press the quick menu button to escape the menu and in order to achieve the fast shutter speed before the moving subject, what you want to do is press the shutter button half way. Look at the shutter speed down at the button of the camera and see if this is fast enough. If this is not fast enough, then what you can do is just use your quick menu joystick to move up and down, in order t increase or decrease the shutter speed. So right now with the amount of light I have I can go up, choosing a slightly larger aperture and get a fast shutter speed that will help me stop the action, then I will go back to the shutter button, press a half way to focus where you composed wait for the action to happen and the take my picture. Now if you want to use the flash you can just pop it right here and as the babies scene modes, I would recommend lowering the power of the flash and that is quite simple, just press the up navigation button to access the exposure, press the three times to get to flash exposure. And then either use the left and right navigation buttons or the quick menu joystick to move the value to minus two so the flash wont be so powerful. Now remember, if the subject is far away and the low power flash really wants to affect very much. If the subject is about ten ft away and the flash exposure, value of zero is pretty good. If it is closer then I go down, and if it is more than ten ft away, you need to increase that. But in this case, because we may have some sensitive kids I am going to decrease the power of the flash. Press set to escape; now I am ready to take my picture. If you do not want to use the flash or if the subject is to far away then go ahead and put that down to turn it off, and increase the ISL press the quick menu button and choose a higher ISL. This would make the camera more sensitive to the amount of ambient light. Go on and press the button to accept, and now when I press the shutter button half way, you can see that my shutter speed is much faster and I would be able to stop the action. Focus on your target, press the shutter button half way, you compose and take a picture, now because it is a moving target you may have a choose focusing, camera’s do have difficulty focusing on moving targets. And then what you want to do is go to MF for manual focus, using the up or down navigation button or the joystick, you can move the distance meter, choosing an appropriate distance from the subject. If my subject is about 6 ft away I will just said it right there, then position myself about 6 ft from the subject or two meters from the subject. Press the shutter button half way, you compose and then take a picture, as far as the manual focus ruler is concerned, you can see it here. Right now is up to fit an inches but in the main menu I can change this to meters and centimeters if that is more comfortable. To find out much more about digital photography and to your digital camera, go to