Paint and Play for Toddlers
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We are always on the lookout for fun ways to keep your toddlers active and on-the-go. In today's Better Parenting, Tony takes us on an outing with an artistic twist.


Audra: You're here on Better. We’re always on the lookout for fun ways to keep your toddlers active and on the go. So in today’s better parenting, Tony takes us on an outing with an artistic twist. Tony: Well the average toddler is just beginning to use language but give them some art supplies and their level of expression is unlimited. We’re at the children’s museum for paint and play to see what these toddlers have to say. Female: This class is great because it enables them to do whatever they want and get as messy as they want. And then you can just leave. Tony: No doubt about it. Leaving messes behind makes moms happy. Female: I think just more creative—here and of course the mess, we don’t have to clean it up. Female: The nice part about here is that you can get completely let your child just explore really messy. Tony: So, no fussiness about messiness means no barriers between kids and their creativity. Female: This is as an outlet of getting messy and having a great time. Watching what he’s interested in and how—and he’s timid about a lot of things. And on other things, he’s really into so it's been fun. Tony: Paint and play also gives kids a chance to bring their creativity out in the open. Female: Interacting with other kids too and getting to play you know with kids their age. Also watch what other kids do and then she’ll copy you know something that she might not think of doing on her own. Tony: There’s so much to choose from. Kids can take all their favorites to new places. I'm guessing that at home, he does not paint on the windows. Female: No. Not at all. Tony: There is even time to discover things they don’t like. Female: Oh last week they had a pumpkin in here and they had like all the insides taken out and it was all gooey and I thought oh she will love that. She wouldn’t get close to it. Tony: And very now and then, the kids come up with a keeper. Female: As they build up then a couple come out and get put up but she just did when it old her “we’re saving this one”. Tony: But there is more to art with no cleanup than meets the eye. Female: I think it makes it more about the process sort of of what you're doing as supposed to the product that you come out with. If you're not worried about getting messy, then you can really fully invest yourself in the process and experiment and try all these different things because you're going to make a mess. Tony: Well what fun? I think what surprised me most was that not having to cleanup the mess has its obvious benefits but it really freeze up the parents to enjoy their kids and watch them in a whole different way. I'm Tony Martinez. Thanks for watching.