Overview of Google Wave - #9 - Organizing Your Wave Stream
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Folders are so email circa 1990. All the cool kids are using labels and the really cool kids are using both virtual folders and labels to organize their inboxes. The Google Wave team has not let this go unnoticed; in Google Wave, you get both virtual folders and labels to make organizing your Wave inbox easy.


Just as you would organize your Email in the folders you may want to do the same with your waves, this allows you to find what you need when you need it. So I’m gonna create some folders for work family and then a couple for some projects I’m working on, so just click on the plus sign next to the folders and give them names and hit Enter. Now that I have some folders I’m going to go ahead and add colors to them so they’re easier to find. To do that click on the arrow next to the folder and select set color and just click on the color you want to apply. If you wish to later remove the color then just choose no color. In this Menu you can also rename a folder, you can move it up in the list, move it down in the list, and Delete it. To move an existing wave into a folder simply click on it and drag it on top of the folder where you want it to go and release. Now when I click on that folder, those Waves will have been moved, if you wish to move them back in your inbox then just click on it to open it, and then click on Inbox, and here it is. Thanks for watching and don’t miss the next episode in the Google Wave 101 Series.