Overview of a Gingerbread House
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A quick overview of a gingerbread house. Tips on how do make this beautiful gingerbread house.


Hi! Everyone, welcome to Dyann Bakes. I am Dyann and on today's podcast, I am thrilled to share with you my very first attempt to making a gingerbread house. Out of an upside down ice cream cone and royal icing is in ever green tree. And using a marshmallow and royal icing, a little shrub. I had a lot of fun using all sorts of different candies and things to decorate the house and the landscape. Chewy spice gumdrops all along the roof line and swirly peppermints on the snow covered roof added a pretty and festive touch. I scattered colorful gumdrops throughout the yard and used woody cinnamon sticks to look like logs and textured nonpareils to make a stone front walk. The most challenging part were the windows where mini M&M's were placed with royal icing to frame each opening. Time consuming, but well worthy effort. Don't you think? On behalf of the Dyann Bakes team, thanks for watching and drop us a note at dyannbakes.com. We'd love to hear from you.