Outrage Over Photos of Uniformed Military Moms Breastfeeding
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Pictures for a breastfeeding awareness campaign depicting military moms breastfeeding in uniform are causing controversy and raising questions.


Image Source: Daily Mail) BY JOE CHIODO ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN   Chewing gum, holding hands, and carrying an umbrella...all things service people can’t do while in uniform.  But breastfeeding isn’t on the list. New pictures of two Air Force moms breastfeeding their children in uniform has some people questioning whether it should be allowed.   WKYC explains. “They’re part of a campaign for national breastfeeding awareness month...some critics are calling the images a disgrace to the uniform.  Supporters say this is just another barrier facing women.” The photos were shot for the breastfeeding support group, Mom2Mom, at Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, Washington.  Not long after, the pix went viral.  There is no official policy addressing the issue but according to WTFX a military spokesperson suggests a different feeding method. “This is really interesting.  One of the spokespeople said that they actually encourage moms to pump and then bottle feed their babies while in uniform.” Critics of breastfeeding in uniform are making some surprising statements about the photos.   KTVX has those details. ANCHOR 1: “They’re comparing this to...breastfeeding in uniform...to urinating or defecating in uniform.” ANCHOR 2: You are kidding! ANCHOR 1: They’re comparing it to people who’ve posed in playboy in uniforms.” But supporters of the Air Force moms say they should be allowed to breastfeed in public.  One veteran wrote on the Mom2Mom Facebook saying... “I salute them both as soldiers and free American women. I’ve fought for people that I do not know, in countries that have nothing in common with me, and for reasons that our politicians can not justify. Considering this fact, I’d fight to defend the rights of these two Americans every day of the week.” Others however think the controversy could be gender related.   The Today Show explains why. “If you’re leading people into combat, you don’t want people envisioning you nursing your child.  They want to be envisioned fighting on.” One of the women in the photos released a statement saying she is proud to nurse in uniform.  She says she hopes it encourages other women to know they can breastfeed whether they are active duty, guard, or civilian.