Origami Party Invitations
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Add interest and ancient art to your party invitations by using origami.


Female: Meet John Lindauer, a commercial director who lives in a downtown Los Angeles loft. He has a creative and corky sense of style and loves to entertain. He wants to throw an outdoor summer party for ten. John: Alexandra found the origami section of the store. And I really had no idea what she was up to. She wanted a bunch of origami paper and I'm like, okay, great. I guess you enjoy making little dragons and unicorns. But when we got back, it became the basis for the invitations. Alexandra: This looks like a good pack. John: Beautiful. Alexandra: I think we only need one. John: Perfect. Alexandra: Great. John: Excellent. Excellent. All our plans are coming together. Eliot: We thought it would be really fun to use origami for the invitations. Partly because we were getting things in little Tokyo but all it took was origami paper so fine and interesting. So we found an old fold, it was actually a children’s fold called the water bomb fold. John’s playful nature was definitely the inspiration for the invitation. John: Yes, that’s it, by golly. To learn origami is to require that you first be a kung fu master. Eliot: So we folded up this origami paper and make these water bombs. They're funny little sort of cubes that you can fill with water and throw at your friends. I don’t know if we're going to do that activity at the party. Now what we're going to do is make the actual invitation. We're just going to do an incredible simple fold and write the invitation on it. We just fold each corner along those creases. And then you have your little envelop. So I took these water bombs, make sure they we're still flat and put three of them on each invitation and send them off to my friends.