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Daddy Brad and his family have a new baby on the way. To make room in his house for their newborn, he needs to move a few things things around. In this episode of The Lab, we've brought in a professional organizer from Arranging It All to help him out. Watch as she rearranges the kids room to make a play area. By using great products from IKEA, including storage solutions and wall shelving, you can create more space for your children while getting rid of clutter in their bedroom. ...


Daddy Brad: This episode is brought to you by BabyBjörn, Great baby gear, BabyBjörn. Christie Slape a professional organizer from Arranging It All. Thank you for being here today! Christie Slape: Thank you for having me! Daddy Brad: Okay, Christie we're in the kids room and I have three objectives. What I want to do is to have a space for each of them in the room. I want them to be able to play without adult supervision. Christie Slape: Alright! Daddy Brad: And I want them to be able to clean up without adult supervision. Christie Slape: Oh yeah. We're going to take Ella's section of the bunk beds. We got walker up here and Ella down here. We're going to make this her little play area. She is the right height to play underneath here. We can create a little room for her like a little castle. We're going to set up a little table and chair here. She can have tea parties with her dollies. The table that we picked out has shelves that we can put coloring books and books for reading at night time down here. Under the bed, we're going to store items in a box such as this. Daddy Brad: We went to IKEA and got some really great stuff. Christie Slape: Yeah, Check this out. Right, so it just slides under the bed, we well get a few of these, and put them under the bed, and she can put her dolls and extra toys and things here, so that she has all that she needs to play with, right here by her bed. Daddy Brad: Okay, Christie we are here in Walker's space. What do we do? Christie Slape: Right, but right now it has a lot of toys on it. And I have this scenario at my house too, boys and their toys. Right, there is great storage space underneath here little drawers. What I recommend is that we take this out or perhaps move it to another side of the room and incorporate a desk here. Walker is in school now, so he can do his home work in a corner desk. We can put his books in the storage cubes that we have seen earlier underneath here. We can also put shelving on the wall and maximize vertical space which is a very important point when you are organizing is to make use of your wall going all the way out. Daddy Brad: This is Ella's room but it's going to become the nursery. So help me out. Christie Slape: Okay, I want you to be open to changing your furniture around. Daddy Brad: I am open. Christie Slape: Okay, So I am suggesting that we move the crib to be central focus of the room. And move it on that side of the wall, so when you walk into the door, you see baby crib. You put the artwork behind the crib. Over here, we have the changing table which is not really and a very useful place. And you might even put that in front of the window. Daddy Brad: What do I do with this crazy thing? Christie Slape: First of all, these things are not going to fit your baby boy. These are Ella's, so we are going to get rid of them. Daddy Brad: Alright, And we are going to put them over her closet. Christie Slape: Let them in her closet. And then we're going to try to kind of compartmentalize the closet so that it can very functional. We have some nice stacking shelves here here which are great for blankets. So, I think it will be best right in the middle. Daddy Brad: Three things you have to do to organize well, is number one purge clutter, utilize vertical space and then arrange in a logical fashion. Christie Slape: Okay, you got it. Daddy Brad: Cool, cool! I feel like my chaos is now ordered. Thank you so much. Christie Slape: Thank you! Daddy Brad: If you need organizational help. can help you find somebody in your area. We would also like to thank IKEA for giving us all this cool stuff that helped us organize our stuff. And as always I could thank BabyBjorn. BabyBjorn, the best baby gear on the market. That's all for us here. If you have got ideas about organizing your home for a new baby, or organizing any part of your home, go to and join the discussion. We'd love to hear from you. Take care!