Oregon Mom Allegedly Watched Her Underage Daughter Strip
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An Oregon mother is in legal trouble and police after police say she encouraged her daughter to strip.


One Oregon mother is in hot water for allegedly letting her daughter get steamy.  In December, Christina Lopez went on television saying a strip club hired her underage daughter and she wanted justice.  However, when police investigated the tables turned. “This surveillance video shows her apparently giving the girl money. The mother was arrested after officers saw this surveillance video. They say she encouraged her daughter to strip.” But Lopez’s daughter, Nicole Madril, says the police have the story all wrong. KOMO reports. “People think that ‘oh, her mom is coming in and watching her strip naked.’ That’s not right. It’s not she came in to see me. I know it’s on video - she came in and placed money so that I could get something to eat.” Madril has a child of her own. And KATU, the station who broke the story, reports the teen mom’s story could be true. “Police say there’s no evidence Nicole’s mother was in that club more than the one time, which happened to be the last day Nicole worked there. … The club isn’t facing criminal charges but the owner was hit with a citation for hiring a minor.” The Daily Mail says Lopez isn’t the only one still calling for the club to be held accountable. “A nd Madril, who said she danced to raise money to care for her daughter, called for her former employer to be shut down - and even suggested that her boss should go to prison for hiring her.” Lopez will be in court on Monday.