Oregon Man Solicits Motorists For New Kidney
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A 28-year-old man with a genetic kidney disease has taken to the streets of Beaverton, Oregon, hoping a local motorist can aid him in his effort to get a new kidney. (Jan. 21)


DURATION: :36-----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:KOIN -- COURTESY KOIN, EMBARGO PORTLAND, ORE.Beaverton, Oregon - Jan. 21, 20131. Wide of traffic passing Earl Martinez who is holding sign saying he needs kidney transplant2. Wide of Earl Martinez holding sign3. Tight of hand and back of sign4. Tight of hands and front of sign5. Tilt up on Earl Martinez and sign that says "Need Kidney Donor"6. SOUNDBITE: Earl Martinez / Needs Kidney Transplant (Transcript Below)7. Tilt up on sign that says "Need Kidney Donor"8. Zoom out on Earl Marinez and vehicles that are passing himVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:MOTORISTS NEAR PORTLAND WHO ARE ACCUSTOMED TO PLEAS FOR MONEY NOW HAVE SOMETHING MORE UNUSUAL TO CONSIDER.A PLEA BY 28 YEAR OLD WHO HAS A GENETIC KIDNEY DISEASE AND NEEDS A TRANSPLANT.HE SAYS ALL HE NEEDS IS GOOD MATCH.SOUNDBITE: Earl Martinez / Needs Kidney TransplantMy insurance would cover all medical costs on my side and the donors side....so the donor would have no medical costs.MARTINEZ IS CURRENTLY RECEIVING KIDNEY DIALYSIS SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK.HE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR A TRANSPLANT FOR MORE THAN A YEAR.SIGOUT - Ross Simpson/Associated Press