Orbit Baby Travel System Review
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Car seats and baby strollers are some of the most important purchases parents will make for their children. In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy checks out a travel system from Orbit Baby. This infant system features a car seat, carseat base, and a stroller frame. It adjusts as your child grows and holds three different sears including an infant car seat, toddler car seat, and a bassinet.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to DadLabs. I'm Daddy Troy. Today I'm with Vivian of Orbit Baby and we're going to tell you about the Orbit Travel System. They're amazing carriers and strollers, and if you ever see one of these on the street, you'll never forget it. In fact, you might have even seen one on the office. Stick around, we'll tell you all about it. So one of the first things you notice when you look at an Orbit stroller or an Orbit car seat is that they have this little ring where all of the bases attach. Now, watch this. You're going to love this, dads. When you go to put your baby in, you just set him or her down right there, buckle him or her in, and then you simply do this. Check it out. Vivian: So this is a three-piece Orbit infant system. It comes with an infant car seat, the car seat base that goes into the car, and the stroller frame. I am just going to take the infant car seat right out, and I'm going to show you how this car seat base installs. It's very easy. So all you have to do is you take the latch belt that is included with your base, put it into the latch anchors in your car, route it through here, clip this in, and then tighten this knob. Daddy Troy: Okay. I know that sometimes I will take my children and put them in other people's cars or the grandparent's car, and I'm a little bit worried that they put in the car seat wrong. How do I make sure that my parents or another friend doesn't put this in incorrectly? Vivian: Yeah, it's very simple actually, because of the circular interface, you really can dock it in from any angle. If you try and go this way, it's just not going to let you go any further. The only way to do it is to go rear. That's the only way it locks in. Daddy Troy: I noticed some color coding as well. It's red when it's no go. Vivian: That's right. Exactly. There's an indicator window that will tell you if it's red, you can't go. When you click it in, it turns black. Daddy Troy: Well, great. So the infant car seat goes right under the stroller? Vivian: That's correct. Daddy Troy: Just check it out. Vivian: And as you can see, as I'm holding it, it's very ergonomic because of these side carrying handles. I'm able to tuck in my elbows, dock it in from any angle, and just rotate. You'll see again that it locks rear-facing. It also locks sideway-facing for the restaurant so you can pull up to a restaurant table, and you get the handles out of the way. Daddy Troy: And actually have eye contact with your kids. Vivian: Exactly. Daddy Troy: I love it. Vivian: Some other great features about the infant car seat is that we have a paparazzi shield which is great for shielding your baby from the sun. Daddy Troy: Unwanted photographer. Vivian: Or for nosy fingers. Daddy Troy: And it looks like for this particular stroller, you've got adjustable handles for really tall people. Is that right? Look how tall those go. These are some of the tallest I've seen actually at the show, really, really high. I love it. Now, once my kid gets a little older, we replace the infant seat with a --? Vivian: With a toddler stroller seat, and we also have a toddler car seat that we place in the car. Daddy Troy: And they'll both all mount on this as well. Vivian: Exactly. Daddy Troy: This is the stroller seat, right? Vivian: Yeah. Daddy Troy: I am just going to put that on it. And this thing not only turns, but it also will tilt like you just did. Vivian: That's right. With just one hand, Il squeeze the lever, and I will recline. It has this great bento box that has a lid on it. It also has this great adjustable footrest. Daddy Troy: And tell me about the suspension on this particular stroller model. You have got some independent suspension on each wheel, is that right? Vivian: Yes, each wheel has four shock absorbers actually. It's called the Quad Shock. It's a new technology that we've developed and basically, each wheel has four shock absorbers that really absorb the energy when you're going down curbs. So there's four of them, so there's actually 16 shock absorbers, and that's four times most other strollers have. Daddy Troy: Now, there's one more type seat that will go under this unit. Is that right? Vivian: That's right. Daddy Troy: This is the bassinet right here. Vivian: Yes, and it too also will rotate. Daddy Troy: So you can have eye contact with your kid. Vivian: Exactly. Daddy Troy: Right. And the soft carrying handle makes it easier to carry and keep the kid balanced as opposed to a hard one. Vivian: Exactly. What we did was we saw that a lot of parents tended to carry car seats in the crook of their arm, and a lot of your core strength is in the center of your body, so this feels a lot more comfortable. And actually what you're able to do, just as with the infant car seat is that you're able to pick it up with one hand, and actually go down the step. Daddy Troy: And this packs up all nice and neatly, it looks like. Vivian: Yeah, so this is super compact. We also have a Mini here today. It's in the back trunk of that. Daddy Troy: I saw that, it was really fun. Vivian: And you'll also see that this packs up extremely compactly. Daddy Troy: I know another thing for parents is storage. You guys have a very unique storage system. Vivian: That's right, so we have this removable cargo pod. You just pull it right out, you can actually put it over your arm like this. It has a one-handed open. So you can open it. You've got wipes here, you've got bottle holders, another wipe compartment. You can close it right up. Daddy Troy: It just slides right in. We'll show our audience how it slides right in, right here. Well, Vivian thanks so much. These strollers are really amazing. I think guys can, especially dads, can really geek out on these things especially in terms of the engineering, and moms will also find them hugely functional. Well, Orbit Baby, where can they find out about Orbit Baby? Vivian: You can go to orbitbaby.com and you'll find a list of retailers there, and you'll also find a lot of good product information. Daddy Troy: Great. Thanks so much Vivian. We'll see you next week on DadLabs.com.