Open-Heart Surgery Recovery Time
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Lori shares how long she had to wait after open-heart surgery to pick up heavy object.


I was only allowed to life 15 pounds when I went home from the hospital or 10 pounds actually and milk jag weight seven but I couldn’t life a milk jag and I didn’t even try. And I had my husband and my mother there to help me. My mom was there everyday when my husband went back to work and I couldn’t have done it without help. You basically can’t do anything. It was hard to get dress just because the moving made things sore. As long as you didn’t do anything and didn’t lift, it was okay. And then my doctor added 10 pounds a month to my weight limit and even when I moved up to 35 and 45 pounds after my surgery, I couldn’t lift that much. I still have to be careful with the amount of lifting even though you have that 35 pound weight limit, it pulls to use 35 pounds of pressure on your chest, so you just don’t do it until you feel like you can.