Online Dating: Email Tips and Advice
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Dating coach Evan Marc Katz shares some great advice on how to use dating and social websites to your advantage, as well as some tips on email and message communications.


[Music Playing] Jen: People jam experts, today, we are talking about online dating with Coach Evan Marc Katz. Evan, once you have your profile, have you send up that first email? Marc: The thing with emails is that people get a little lazy about it. We try to do it as the quickest. The theory is that, it is a number’s game so; let us try to as many people as possible. So they have dysfunctions on this websites, we could click on to flirt and send it to 50 people at once and you can do a copy and paste email, “hey, you look cute, check out my profile, write back to me as soon as you can”, and it is a formal letter and if you want to have any success, it is about making this personal. It is about differentiating yourself from everybody else, so, just understanding that each individual is an individual and should be treated as such whether it is a man writing to a woman or a woman writing to the man, understanding that is really important. And then, if you are going to go in, you have to make sure that you are picking up on a detail in their profile and responding directly to that. Jen: Can you give me an example? Evan: I went out—I remember, there is a woman on Jay Date years ago when I was dating and she said in her profile, “the man I am looking for would be able to afford my dowry of 5,000 gold coins and 2 goats”. It was funny, it was a joke and it was very specific. Now, that is the keys. Pick up on the most specific thing in the person’s profile, not the things that you find you have in common, not the thing that you like the most. The thing that is the most unique, okay that was clearly the most unique thing. So, I wrote her an email and the subject of the email was “low on goats, high on yens”, and I talked about how in the tropical islands that they do not use goats as dowry, they actually use yens and I was going to woe her and her entire family with sweet potatoes. And, we ended up going out. Jen: The response was good for her then? Evan: Yes, it ended up working because I could assure you, nobody else write that email today. Jen: Absolutely not. So we are keeping it specific to that person, you are creating an essence of conversation through that on a dialogue and making them feel… Marc: And it is slight, it is funny and 8t is flirty. And the problem is, people get bugged down in doing what is easiest right? And most of the times when you are writing an email to someone, you are writing something that they already know and if I am writing too, hey, check out your profile, you know, I think you are attractive—I thought we have a lot in common in your profile. I would love for you to write back to me. So, what is the point of writing any of it? Jen: Good point. Evan: Write something that she is not expecting. Jen: So if you are single and looking for a great dating advice, you should find it here on peoplejam with expert Evan Marc Katz. [Music Playing]