Online Dating Challenges
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Learn about online dating challenges in this series of dating advice videos.


Host: What are some challenges with online dating? Gloria MacDonald: One of the biggest challenges with online dating I think is the addictive nature of it. It’s a great big huge candy shop out there. And it can be addictive and that people think; “who’s going to send me a wink? Who’s going to send me a smile? Who will I get an email from or an IM from today?” So there might always be something better out there, so it really is kind of a shopaholic nature and you have to be aware of that, and understand that whether you’re meeting women or whether you’re meeting men. There are literally millions of other single men or millions of other single women out there. And I think people can be surprise themselves of how they get addictive to this kind of buzz of the excitement of somebody thinking that you’re interesting and somebody thinking that you’re attractive. It’s a stimulus and it fits the ego. And we’re all human beings and that feels good. So be aware of that and I think that that could really potentially change the nature of dating in our society today. And who knows we might someday have online daters anonymous. So be aware of that it’s a big challenge of the online dating world, and be aware for yourself and be aware that that’s the nature of the biz for people you’re meeting.