One on One with Jewel & Ty Murray: Having Kids
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Description caught up with Jewel and her husband Ty Murray backstage at the Dancing with the Stars taping to talk about her new album and having babies. Interview by Diana Madison.


One on One with Jewel & Ty Murray: Having Kids Diana: So tell me about your album. It’s coming out soon? Jewel: Yeah, on May 5th in times for mothers day. It’s an album of Lullabies but it’s for adults really. It’s lyric-driven. And it’s all mellow mood music. So if you want to come home at night and relax, it’s probably lyric-driven. Diana: Where are your lullabies, I'm like babies? Is that what’s in your head right now? Like maybe to having a child anytime soon? Jewel: Yeah, Ty and I like to start a family and I definitely made this album sort of eating in the character sort of. It was neat to record in actually think of my kids and maybe one day getting to hear it. Diana: You’re so adorable. So you get the role play already arise, right? Jewel: It’s that easy part. Diana: Is it easy ready for Ty, for you guys like talking about? Jewel: Yes one of the reasons we got married was to start a family. So we’re going to start working on it. Diana: Oh, really, probably after the show? Jewel: Well see, he’s pretty tired. Ty Murray: We want to have some kids, you know what I mean? We’ve been together a long time going on 11 years when we just married in August and we’re looking forward to having some babies.