One-Armed Prep Star Overcomes Birth Injury
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Landus Anderson had an injury at birth that left him with the use of only one arm, but that hasn't stopped him from being a star high school basketball player and an "A" student. (March 2)


[Location: Tallahassee][Source: AP shot by Brendan Farrington] [VO:]LANDUS ANDERSON GOT A ROUGH START IN THIS WORLD. HE WAS INJURED AT BIRTH., [SOT/Landus Anderson] ("The doctor pulled me out by my right arm because I had broad shoulders, I almost got stuck, he pulled me out by my right arm and disconnected the nerves to my spinal cord.")[VO:]FEW PEOPLE WITH THIS TYPE OF INJURY KNOWN AS ERB'S PALSY, HAVE MANAGED A SUCCESSFUL ATHLETIC CAREER. BUT LANDUS MAY BE TWICE AS GOOD AS MOST OF THE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES HE FACES. HE GETS AN AVERAGE 18.67 POINTS A GAME FOR HIS FLORIDA HIGH SEMINOLES BASKETBALL TEAM.[SOT/ Al Blizzard, Florida High basketball coach] ("If he gets the ball in his hands you are not going to stop him one on one. He is just so quick and so long.")[SOT/Erique Lockwood, teammate]("He probably is the best in my eyes, not only can he score, but he also is a defensive presence.")(VO) ANDERSON SAYS HIS MOM TAUGHT HIM TO BE STRONG MINDED.[SOT/Landus Anderson](" A lot of the games I hear people in the stands, say "he can't do nothing, stop him, he got but one arm, But it doesn't bother me she taught me not to let it bother me.")(VO) LANDUS LEARNED AT AN EARLY AGE NOT TO LET HIS DISABILITY STOP HIM.[SOT/Landus Anderson]( "I hate that word, I don't see myself as disabled I'm just as good as anyone else in my eyes and I strive to be better.") [VO:] BESIDES BEING A GREAT ATHLETE, ANDERSON IS ALMOST A STRAIGHT A STUDENT.(SOT/ PAM ANDERSON, MOM)(" I challenge Landus all the time, if the cameras are no longer rolling and you don't have a basketball in your hand, then who are you? So his academics is definitely is a must.)(VO)ANDERSON CREDITS HIS PARENTS FOR INSPIRING HIM TO EXCEL .[SOT/ Lindsey Anderson, father]("I put a basketball in his hands when he was like three years old. And he's always loved basketball he said Dad I want to be an NBA player, I said son you can do it. ")[VO:] HIS MOM CHOKED UP REFLECTING ON HER SON.((SOT/ PAM ANDERSON, MOM)("Once we realized what we had, once we realized the inspiration that he was, (chokes up) I'm sorry, I apologize, once we realized what we were working with and the drive and determination that he had, we never stopped. He is surrounded by positive people at all times.")(VO)HIS PARENTS HOPE HE WILL GET A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP. HIS COACH SAYS ANDERSON IS HIS BEST PLAYER AND HIS HARDEST WORKER. THAT'S WHY HE'S SO SUCCESSFUL.[SOT/Landus Anderson] (" A lot of people say I inspire them. I get messages on Facebook saying like when they saw a video someone else did on me that it inspired them to go out and work harder.")MARINA HUTCHINSON, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS