Olympic Skeleton Athlete Noelle Pikus-Pace Interview
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She was favored to win the gold in Olympic Skeleton in 2006 in Torino, but a terrible accident during the trials shattered that dream. She is now looking toward Vancouver for another chance for gold.


Noelle Pikus-Pace Interview Better Audra: Welcome back to Better hi everybody I’m Audra Lowe coming up next we’re baking up a delicious pie with a chef who’s got quite a story to tell and that hotty Channing Tatum, he’s burning up the big screen once again but first imagine that speeding head first on a down hill curvy ice course. That’s exactly what our next guest excels at. Noelle Pikus-Pace is here and she was favored to win the gold in Olympics Skeleton in 2006 in Torino but a terrible accident during the trials shattered that dream. Now Noelle is looking towards Vancouver for another chance for gold. I have a feeling you’re going to get it too Noelle. Noelle: Well thank you. Audra: That was spirit. So we’re going to talk about the accident just as second here before people who don’t know about this sport. It’s a rising sport first of all and you’re literally just you by yourself yeah going down this freezing track. Noelle: Yes. Audra: You have no mechanism to stop you, correct? Noelle: No. Audra: Or steer at all. Noelle: Stopping at the finish is almost the scariest part I mean we sprint we dive on to our stomachs and we go 90 miles an hour down this icy shoot with our chin just an inch off the ice. Audra: 90 miles an hour. Noelle: Yeah. Audra: We’re just joking with our crews and people were saying that their car doesn’t even go that real fast. You know how fast that is but how scary is it when you first get out there and do it. Noelle: You know it’s okay I mean it has this challenges but I mean so does being a mom and you know I’m a mom as well so— Audra: You’ll go 90 miles an hour with that too. Noelle: That’s right. Audra: We were talking about the accident. You were actually hit by a runaway bob sled. How long ago was that? Noelle: Yeah, that was during the 2006 Olympic Tryout, so it’s been a few years. Audra: And when that happened how long did it take you out of commission? Noelle: I was actually back competing in the World Cup Circuit 6 weeks later so it was a really, really quick recovery, yeah I mean not that I was recovered at that time but I was back competing. Audra: Okay your back competing at world champion as well to was it a tough recovery to make or was it more of a mental thing really. Noelle: I think it’s more mental I mean physically obviously it took its toll but I think mentally more than anything. Audra: Then the training for this sport itself and what do you do just keep running slide, jut down what’s your training like? Noelle: I chase after my little 2-year-old. Audra: Really, really. Noelle: Lifting, sprinting that’s a lot that goes into it and then also you know just making sure that we know what we’re doing on the ice. Audra: Exactly, and you mentioned you have a 2 year old? Noelle: Yes. Audra: After she was born you told me that you only waited 2 weeks and you were back out there again. Noelle: Yes. Audra: How did you do that? You were on your stomach 90 miles an hour and 2 weeks after you had a baby. Noelle: Yeah two weeks later I just knew that it was something that I want to do. I knew that the stream of going to the Olympics was not only my dream but it was my family’s dream and she would be right there by my side. Audra: Exactly now speaking about being by yours side as she watched mommy does she know what’s going on? Noelle: Yeah she does, oh my gosh she is so excited you know and It’s actually opened up opportunities for example you know being a mom and being an athlete I have been able to have the sponsorship with pampers which has been wonderful and she’s been able to test out these new hi performance diapers. Pampers cruisers with Dry Max and they’re excellent. You’re going to have to test them out. Audra: Motorized pampers right. Noelle: Hi performance. Audra: Oh my god okay so now as far as the Olympics in Vancouver what do you looking forward to the most and what are your expectations like for that? Noelle: I love the speed it’s one of the fastest tracks in the world and I’m just hoping that I can put it all together when it counts. Audra: That’s great well I have a feeling you’re going to do it girl. This is just two weeks after the baby, I love it. Good to have you here. Noelle: Thanks. Audra: Thanks Noelle. Noelle: Thank you so much Audra.