Olympic Boxing: Result Reversed, 1 Ref Sent Home
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Olympic boxing has generated controversy in the opening week of competition. One referee and a technical official were sent home, another ref was suspended and the result of a bout was reversed by the international boxing federation ABIA. (Aug. 3)


SHOTLIST:AP PHOTOS - NO ACCESS CANADALondon - 01 August 20121. Varous STILLs of bantamweight bout between Satoshi Shimizu of Japan and Magomed Abdulhamidov of Azerbaijan, refereed by Ishanguly Meretnyyazov of TurkmenistanAP GRAPHICS - NO ACCESS CANADA2. GRAPHIC of logo and quote with STILL of ABIA president C.K. WuAP PHOTOS - NO ACCESS CANADALondon - 01 August 20123. Various STILLS of bout between Iranian heavyweight Ali Mazaheri and Cuba's Jose Larduet, refereed by German Frank Scharmach AP PHOTOS - NO ACCESS CANADALondon - 02 August 20124. Various STILLS of bout between middleweight Ievgen Khytrov of Ukraine and Britain's Anthony Ogogo SCRIPTIn the first week of boxing competition at London 2012 there's been plenty of controversy at the Excel Arena.In Wednesday's bout between Satoshi Shimizu and Magomed Abdulhamidov (mah-gah-MYED ab-dool-hah-MEE'-dov), the Japanese fighter had the man from Azerbaijan down on the canvas six times.But the referee from Turkmenistan allowed the fight to continue after each tumble, and even fixed Abdulhamidov's headgear at one point, before shocking Shimizu and awarding his opponent the victory.The international boxing federation AIBA has now ruled the referee should have stopped the fight earlier. It changed the outcome of the bout and sent the referee home. In other rulings it suspended another referee and expelled a technical official. AIBA's president said he regretted having to make the moves but protecting fair play was paramount.The German referee who was suspended had been officiating in a heavyweight bout between Cuban Jose Larduet and Iranian Ali Mazaheri. He disqualified Mazaheri for holding, enraging the boxer, who wouldn't come to the center of the ring for the decision, as well as his supporters and a booing crowd. But the federation let the outcome stand.And it rejected Ukraine's appeal after world champion middleweight Ievgen Kytrov lost to Britain's Anthony Ogogo after a rare tiebreaker, which is hardly ever required in amateur boxing.The decision had sent an overjoyed Ogogo leaping into the air with excitement.(****END****)VIDEO PRODUCER/VOICER: Karen Sloan------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP PHOTOS/ AP GRAPHICS--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Samira Becirovic------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: No Access Canada----------------------------------WIRE SOURCE: AP------------------------------------