Olens XPJ Video Projector - Review
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the olens Spy video projector - review.


Olens XPJ Video Projector – Review Hey I’m Robbie Ferguson with Category5 technology TV and if you’re anything like me you’ll love to watch movies up on the big screen. I’m talking about going to the movie theater. Be really nice to be able to bring that experience home with you though but I can’t necessarily just if I ground in buying a 42 inch Plasma Screen TV only that’s set it up on the Library room on how the kids right all over with markers that would be a terrible situation. Also I can’t just to find spending $2000.00 or $3000.00 on an HTV Movie projector only to watch a movie once of twice a month there maybe put up a video game every now and then when I got friends over. So what is the solution what if I could tell you that we’ve got a product here we’re going to be looking at it in a just moment. We can put a 70 inch screen up on your wall for under $300.00. That’s right I’m talking about the XPJ Video Projector from all lands technology and this little baby are plugging the pretty much anything like it inputs for S video say for your DVD p layer for example it compose it, it will work for any composite device like VHS VCR or maybe a camcorder if you want to watch the home movies right up on the screen and also a VGA and put if you want to connect this to a computer for playing say your computer video games or downloaded shows programs like category file if you write up on the projector. With many Video Projectors here you’re use to seeing maybe a $200.00 or $400.00 price tag just to replace the bulb on if it burns out. With the XPJ Projector from our lens what we see is a price tag between $250.00 and $280.00 for the actual unit and it includes not only the bulb that’s in the unit but also our replacement bulb. So after about $300.00 hours of used when the original bulb burns out you don’t have to run and buy a bulb there’s already one included and get this if you don’t need the replace the bulb they run for only $30.00. The low cost of the projector itself plus the replacement bulbs makes us a perfect device for say schools or low budget and non profit programs, certainly for home use and because it’s so cheap you’ll not so concerned about you know. If the kids play with it or think with that are or bump it or something like that because it’s just not that big of a deal compared to say up $2000.00 or $3000.00 unit where you just like hey kids stay away from that. But this device here we can allow the kids to set it up when they’re old enough, plug it into their weird Xbox or Play Station and be able to play their games up on the wall. Imagine playing the Wii on here. Now I’m not really a console gamer myself but I did plug it into my computer to play some quake ores and that was a pretty awesome experience. So at under $300.00 what makes the XPJ projector so much different from set of $12.00 or $1500.00 projectors or even the HT projectors. Well first of all let me just say this we can’t compare apples to orange s. If you’re looking at reviews out there and you know you’re surfing to lab and looking for reviews of the product and you start to see somebody comparing it to it $1200.00 projector or if you see somebody complained that all it only has 300 lumen so I can’t positively be good. Well we going to look at this objectively we going to realize that the XPJ projector is in a class completely separate from those HD projectors that are the $1200.00 of $1500.00 projectors. You can’t compare the two. The XPJ can be considered an entry level system but essentially it’s an economy system. This is a projector that projects a good image at 640 by 480 pixels so it’s good enough for watching movies and definitely we’ve enjoyed it to watching we do our start like DVD’s. And we’ve done a couple of movies just to kind of test the unit as well and I found you know it’s a very enjoyable and certainly a lot better than watching a movie saying at 27 MTCRT television. So when you compare that and look at the price tag then we could be objective and say okay well this is not the $1200.00 projector so we’re not going to compare it to one. Let’s look at what else there is the $300.00 range we’ve got a 17 inch flat screen monitor that’s 17 inch, this is 7b inches. So let’s just be logical here. So 300 lumen it is bright enough to produce a really good image. Now usually just a little bit of a video here. I just to kind of show you how it works in the different lighting situations. My three year old daughter loves to watch the show backyard against her. She came down to my office one day and said she wanted to watch it up on the big TV she calls it so I hooked it up and pulled it on the long and you see that I’ve got the lights on full force here. And I’ve got very bright lights in the office because I broadcast the show from the office so we use this special bones up in the fun. So those bulbs are on full force as you can see and yet you can still see that even though the video is kind of white washed it’s visible enough that my daughter is able to enjoy and she doesn’t know the difference. Now at set let’s look at a movie here. Now I found this click with the lights off just to show kind of how crystal clearly image is in the completely dark room. Even add 300 lumen as I was saying. It is a very impressive image if you’re looking for just something that is reasonable and certainly excellent for the price. Now that same clip is shown here with the lights on and you could see that the images still respectable, it’s still useable and so certainly you can be in the room with the a couple of lights on. And you don’t want to have it too bright because then you’re going to be creating the quality of the video itself but certainly this is quite enjoyable and this lighting a luminous one. And just to kind of show you the size of the screen I’m just standing there beside my stunt double and you can see from the luminous of the room that I’ve actually got some lights on this time but even still the picture is nice and bright and clear. Even at only 300 lumen’s it’s amazing that the XPJ projectors is able to put such a nice crystal clear image out on the wall and you’ll notice as well that I’m just projecting directly on to kind of an off white wall, I’m not using a projector screen or anything like that. If you have a projector screen, which you can also buy from all lens technology, it will actually improve the luminosity as well because it’s a special reflective material. Now of course the XPJ projector also includes a wireless remote control just making things easier for you and the onscreen display that’s successful through that remote as well as the top panel buttons allows us to change our input device from the S video to the composite to the VGA. And also to display information about the current connection and then on top of that as we go through this menu system you can see that we can adjust the picture from the contrasting brightness. The hue and we can just kind of tweak that to our lightings so that we can get the performance of our projector in each room. And then we’re able to adjust the audio as well and that’s another thing to mention as that the XPJ does include built in stereo speakers, so if you’re connecting this to same Xbox or a Play Station and you want to be able to not have to have a separate speaker system. You can actually connect that device directly to the input and you can do adjust the volume as well directly on screen menu. And then the final button on the menu is to automatically turn off the device after a set amount of time. Reverse the horizontal or vertical access in case you’ve got the projector and say hanging upside down and of course change the language. So there are a few languages there for the onscreen display as well. Well lens technology stands by the XPJ projector with the one year warranty it’s a fabulous product again if you’re in a low budget situation where you want to able to use product and you know have a big screen. I think it’s perfect for schools, it’s perfect for Montessori Schools and Home scholars even who wanted to be able to push that up on the wall and absolutely perfect for you. Perfect for the kids with their video games and perfect for me with my movies in Star Trek. The XPJ projector again retails between $250.00 and $280.00 don’t be a bulbs are only $30.00 absolutely fabulous and find out more are OlenaTechnology.com or visit our website ate Category5.TV for the full review. For Category5 Technology TV I’m Robbie Ferguson.