Old Detroit Schools Making a Comeback
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Rising infrastructure costs and sinking enrollments are forcing public school districts across the country to shutter buildings. Detroit is earning high marks for what it's doing with its surplus of dilapidated schools. (June 10)


SHOTLISTAP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYDetroit - May 16, 20131. Med exterior of high school2. Med shot overturned piano3. Wide of dilapidated school hallway4. Tight crumpled test 5. Nats - door swinging shut.6. Close of writing on a chalkboard: "I will not write in vacant buildings/I will not write in vacant buildings/I will not write in vacant buildings"7. Medium of water pouring down the steps8. Medium of a broken spout shooting water into a small basement room9. Medium littered stairwell11. Two people walking down stairs12. Medium of Tammy Deane, the Detroit Public Schools' real estate manager. (transcript below)13 Wide littered hallway14. Two men walking down hallwayAP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYDetroit - May 22, 201315. SOUNDBITE (English): Robert Connolly, Chief Operating Officer, SHAR Inc. (transcript below)16. Exterior medium shot of West Side Academy sign17. Med of Sign Academy18. Med Connolly taking sign off the wall19. Walking shot Deane down hallway 20. SOUNDBITE: ): Tammy Deane, Real Estate Manager, Detroit Public Schools. (transcript below) AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYDetroit - June 5, 201322. Exterior shot of church23. Exterior shot of movie theater24. tight nats hands playing piano25. Medium woman playing piano(VOICE-OVER)CROSMAN ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL'S MUSIC PROGRAM HAS GONE BY THE WAYSIDE,ALONG WITH PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE SCHOOL.(-NATS- Door closing)CLOSED SIX YEARS AGO, THE BUILDING IS ONE OF MORE THAN 80 SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT DETROIT, SOME OF WHICH HAVE BEEN ABANDONED AND LEFT TO VANDALS.(-NATS- Water spigot)OVER THE YEARS, ENROLLMENT LOSSES AND BUDGET DEFICITS FORCED THE DISTRICT TO CLOSE DOZENS OF SCHOOLS.SOUNDBITE: Tammy Deane, Real Estate Manager, Detroit Public Schools:"We understand that it causes blight in the neighborhood, and, so, again, that is the reason why we aggressively _ we try out-of-the-box thinking in terms of marketing."THAT OUT OF THE BOX THINKING HAS LED TO A DRAMATIC TURNAROUND FOR SOME OF THE SCHOOLS.SOUNDBITE Robert Connolly, Chief Operating Officer, SHAR Inc.:"And it's nice to be able to repurpose a facility like this and to put it to very good use for an agency like ours."ONCE THE WEST SIDE ACADEMY, TODAY IT'S A SUBSTANCE ABUSE RECOVERY CENTER.DETROIT HAS BECOME A NATIONAL LEADER IN FINDING NEW USES FOR SHUTTERED SCHOOLS.SOUNDBITE Tammy Deane, Real Estate Manager, Detroit Public Schools:"We have brought in about $16 million to date since 2009 in revenue. And that revenue goes back into the general fund to help the children that are in the current open DPS schools."OTHER SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN SOLD OR LEASED AND TURNED INTO A CHURCH, MOVIE THEATHER, EVEN A RECORDING STUDIO THAT OFFERS MUSIC LESSONS(-NATS- Piano playing)A NEW LEASE ON LIFE FOR DETROIT'S OLD SCHOOLS.MIKE HOUSEHOLDER, ASSOCIATED PRESS