Off-the-Charts Pollen Spreads Allergy Misery
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Allergy season has come early and hit with a wheezing vengeance in parts of the South and Midwest this year, thanks largely to an unusually warm winter. Abundant pollen is causing watery eyes, sniffles and sneezing. (March 21)


[Location - Date:Atlanta - March 20/21][Source:APTN][VO:]Pollen stamens falling out of trees as the wind blows. Troi Guilbeaux: YEAH, I LIVED IN NEW ORLEANS LAST YEAR SO THERE REALLY WASN'T A LOT OF POLLEN. BUT IT'S LIKE EVERYWHERE, ABSOLUTELY EVERWHERE ON MY CAR, IN MY CAR, IN MY HOUSE, ON MY HAND AND ON MY SHOES. IT'S CRAZY, SO MUCH POLLEN. ITS JUST BEEN KILLING ME.Owner of a pollen-laden black Infinity writing "Wash Me" on his hood. MEDIUM. Andre Osborne: I FEEL TERRIBLE. I KNOW IT'S NOT AS BAD AS IT CAN BE BUT THE SNEEZING THE UNCONTROLABLE COUGHING, IT'S STARTING TO KICK IN.Jim James, manager at a Cactus Car Wash: IT'S VERY UNUSUAL THIS EARLY ON YOU KNOW BECAUSE USUALLY IT'S LATER IN AND NOW WERE A WEEK INTO IT AND THE POLLEN-COUNT IS ALREADY 8000 AND IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE AROUND 200. SO IT'S GETTING CARS A LOT DIRTIER, WHICH IS HAPPIER FOR US. HA, HA.Pollen-covered black Range Rover pulling into a car wash.Water streaming down a parking lot picking up pollen.Pharmacy exteriorsIra Katz, Pharmacist, Little Five Points Pharmacy"Some people say they have had to leave work because they can't function at work, kids have had to stay home from school, in some cases even with their being medicated. Its having an impact. You wonder when the pollen count gets to be 8000 9000 as it was yesterday, just try and take medication, stay indoors, stay in air conditioning, drink a lot of water, take antihistamines to dry your secretions and don't put yourself in a position where there's pollen everywhere. There are several things people can do-- using a saline nasal spray...coming home at the end of the day get off your clothes jump in the shower, get the pollen out of your hair..."Pan of medicines on the shelvesWide of customer dropping off prescription at the pharmacy.