Obama Defends Gay Rights Record
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President Obama pledged to defend gay rights during an appearance in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday. The President also called the moment he signed the repeal of the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy "as good as it gets." (June 7)


[SOT/:PRESIDENT OBAMA][Notes:SOURCE: POOL]I'm reminded of that day we signed the law repealing don't ask don't tell. And what was moving was not just those in active service who were there in that auditorium who were there to watch history being made. It wasn't just the extraordinary warmth that people expressed towards Admiral Mullen, who I think showed extraordinary courage in helping to guide the Pentagon to the right place on that issue. It was also seeing all these veterans, some of them 60, 65 serving in Vietnam, some of the in the Korean War who were there, thinking about all those years in which the wholeness of their life had not been fully acknowledged. That they had lived divided from themselves. And to see the tears streaming down the faces of some of them. That's as good as it gets when you're President of the United States.(****END****)