NYC Schools Issue Morning After Pill, Some Parents Upset
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The New York City Department of Education is distributing morning after pills in 13 high schools as part of a pilot program to reduce teen pregnancy


Image Source: Jezebel BY KERRY LEARY ANCHOR:  LAUREN GORES The New York City Department of Education is now offering Plan B, or as some may know it, the “morning after pill,” to thirteen high schools’ students without their parents’ permission. Here’s Fox News . “City data shows that over half of high school students are sexually active by the time they finish high school. Health officials say they hope this pilot program will help to fight teen pregnancy.” Some New York City schools already distribute condoms and birth control to students. But parents were reportedly notified about the new birth control access at the beginning of the school year, and they were given an option to opt out of the program by signing a form. HLN spoke with a legal analyst about the controversy. “ that legal?  Because schools most of the time can't give you a Tylenol ... the city's point is basically, look, as long as we give parents the opportunity to opt out,  yes we can do a plan like this” The pilot program has quietly been going on since January. It’s an expansion of a private program that was occurring before it started. CNN spoke with a parent in the New York area about the program who isn’t too happy. “This is not just giving a condom to a young person. This is talking about a chemical hormonal drug cocktail.  The parents have a right to know.” As the controversy continues, the health department’s defense is simple according to the New York Times. Claiming 7,000 teen girls get pregnant by the time they’re 17 years old and at least half of them will have abortions, a spokeswoman for the health department stated “We are committed to trying new approaches ...” School officials say it’s too early to tell if the program has been effective in reducing pregnancy in New York City Schools.