Nutrition Tips for Children with Type 2 Diabetes
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Laura Nance, a Registered dietician/Certified Diabetes Educator from MUSC, discusses proper nutrition for children with Type 2 diabetes.


Diabetes and Children: Type 2 Nutrition Laura Nance: With Type 2 Diabetes there a big lifestyle diet adjustment that we encourage because a lot of times we can’t get to child off insulin or maybe onto pills or that might be our first line of defense is actually diet lifestyle changes prior to insulin or pills. It is difficult because by this point family uses and set in there ways, there is other children in the house we don’t have this issue on may have this issue but it’s not recognize, it’s very difficult to get the whole family to change but that’s what we encourage. It’s just a lifestyle modification for the entire family so that the one child with diabetes is singled out. It is a difficult thing for most of us to just change our lifestyle all the sudden particularly after a hospitalize incident. We want you to change right away. Type 2 Diabetes: Finding a Balance Laura Nance: Okay if you are not willing to get rid to some of fat in the diet and the diet because we know that diabetes those are increase your cardiovascular disease or may we can get rid of some of the extra sweets in the diet so there might be a little bit of comprising with Type 2 Diabetes in diet adjustments. Diabetes and Children: What can I do to help my child adjust to monitoring his/her nutrition more closely? Laura Nance: I think it’s a good idea regards of the age to include the child in counting carbohydrates. Again the first step is recognizing what carbohydrate foods are, so depending on the age most kids can get that. That’s the carbohydrate food are recognize it and need to count it up, and whether you are at the limit and you need to count to limit or I need to count it to figure out how many gram or how much insulin I need to take. I think that’s part of the first step in involving kids. But in over child actually can read levels, can off the alter food and probably figure out how many grams of carbohydrate they are having. But it always encourage in adult to check after the.