Nutrition Tips During Pregnancy
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Dr. Szmuc describes the calorie intake women should consider during pregnancy and shares whether or not pregnant women should follow the food pyramid.


Nutrition Tips During Pregnancy When you look at it, the increased amount of calories that you need is only about 100 calories a day more than if you were not pregnant, until you get to be about the third trimester where it increases to 200 to 300 calories a day, which if you compare it to how much that is, that’s only a small handful of M&Ms. So you are eating for your baby but not two adults. You should continue to follow the food pyramid. However, that gets revised every few years. So, if you really want to see as much depth in the food and nutrition area you can consult the American Heart Association or the FDA and look at the food pyramid. But I don’t recommend you do that; I would like you to eat just simply, sensibly avoid as much fast food as you can but once in a while would be okay.