Nursery Furniture Line of Petit Nest
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Daddy Clay travels to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas to learn about PetitNest, a new line of baby furniture. He speaks with award-winning designer Lonni Paul as well as actress and new mom Tiffani Thiessen about what makes this furniture so special. This nursery furniture line features baby cribs, dressers, chairs, changing stations, bedding and wall art. The ladies weigh in on how they feel about dad participating in the design of the baby nursery.


Daddy Clay: Hey there! Welcome back to The Lab. I’m Daddy Clay coming to you again from the ABC Baby Show here in Las Vegas. I’m joined today by designer Lonni Paul and actress turned entrepreneur Tiffani Thiessen, just who I expected to run into here at the ABC Baby Show because we’re standing around this really cool baby furniture. So, this is what got you here right? Tiffani: This is what got us. Our new company called Petit Nest and we launched it less than six months ago. Lonnie and I -- Lonni: We started it at less than six months ago. Tiffani: Yeah, sorry [Voice Overlap] Lonni: Launched it three days ago. Tiffani: Yes. Lonnie: She has a new baby so -- Tiffani: I have a baby boy. Daddy Clay: So, a four month old baby and six month old business? Tiffani: Yes. Daddy Clay: That’s -- you’re busy. What was the impulse behind creating the line and what makes your furniture special? Tiffani: Well, Lonni and I were actually designing my nursery when I was pregnant and when we were designing it, we looked around and found that a lot of the furniture kind of looked the same and I wanted something a little more different, a little more to our ecstatic taste, so we jokingly looked at each other said, “Why don’t we start a line one day? It will be so much fun.” And here we are. Daddy Clay: Wow, business. Tiffani: So that what happened. We wanted to really kind of build furniture and make furniture that actually looks like it went with the rest of your house. A lot of times you look into a nursery and it kind of comes out of nowhere. And it’s also furniture that a lot of times they throw away after a couple of years. After a while, your babies have grown, you’re like, “Oh, this is stuff we don’t need anymore.” But this is actually something you can actually use and can last for a long time with these dressers. These are dressers you can put in your own living room. Lonni: Less child like and a little more designed -- Daddy Clay: And these are built right in my home state at Texas, is that right? Lonni: Absolutely. Tiffani: Yes, it’s right. Lonni: Everything in our line is made in the U.S.A. Daddy Clay: Are dads allowed to participate in the selection of a crib? Lonni: Absolutely. Tiffani: I mean I know my husband was very much involved in our nursery and so much so that he was actually -- my husband’s an artist, he’s actually painting on the wall. Lonni: They’re like “Ready, get in there, we need that.” Daddy Clay: Do you think that dads are -- you think they’re participating more than they used to in those kind of --? Lonni: I think so too. Tiffani: I too. I think because the young couples out there are very much into the design world of things that I think it’s a dual decision between the two of them on what they want their child to grow up in and what kind of room they want to be in, yeah absolutely. Lonni: And I think lines have also been blurred, women are working now, it’s less -- the dads are off working, come home to the woman, at home with the children. Tiffani: I know a lot of dads who are at home taking care of the kids. Lonni: Absolutely and the roles are really shared because both parents are working, so the dads are doing half the parenting and the moms are doing half the parenting. Sharing the full-time parenting is probably a better way to put it. Daddy Clay: Sure, 50/50 parenting, is that the model in your house? Lonni: 100% each I’d say especially with twins. Tiffani: Yeah, it’s not really 50/50, it’s more of a 100%, 110/110. Daddy Clay: People have stereotypes about celebrity moms, you got a whole platoon of nannies at home or how does that work? Tiffani: I don’t have any nanny. I have a granny. Lonni: She doesn’t have a nanny. Tiffani: I have my granny. Daddy Clay: I noticed that your mom brought the baby over and I noticed that you had a little bit of milk on your -- yeah, you have a little spit-up on your -- Tiffani: Yeah, there you go. Daddy Clay: Just to let you know that celebrity glamour, there is no ad. But this is a really cool for furniture. I can understand why dads and moms alike better respond to the stuff, beautiful design, thanks for talking with us today on The Lab. Tiffani: Thank you, nice to meet you. Daddy Clay: Nice to meet you too. Lonni: Thank you. Daddy Clay: It’s a pleasure to meet you. That’s all for us this time here in The Lab.