Non-Stick Knives - Bachelor's Pantry #46
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No one likes a starchy, sticky knife! Just follow Hank's newest experiment for smooth cutting that'll keep potatoes and other starchy tubers in line.


Hank Da Tank here with the newly cracked the trick for those of you cutting potatoes at home. You ever noticed when you cut the starch gets all over the blade and everything starts sticking together, your cuts pull up, all you need is a paper towel and some olive oil. Go ahead and take a look. I have my paper towel here, I’m going to pour a little olive oil on there and let’s soak in, take your knife here and give it a good one soak of some olive oil. And then proceed to cut as shown before. There you go, all done. It actually kind of work to do. Said you’re the hottest, how that’s made that shapes up and it worked