No Shortage of Potential Romney Running Mates
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Mitt Romney's camp is hard at work, sifting through a list of potential running mates. Among the candidates for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee are New Jersey's Chris Christie, Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and Virginia's Bob McDonnell. (June 16)


[Location - Date:Various][Source:AP file][VO:]v/o any kind of video of Romney campaigning-shaking hands etc--As Mitt Romney works the campaign trail v/o 'b' roll of his headquarters buildingstaffers at his headquarters in Boston are weighing the pros and cons of potential running mates. v/o quick shots of Portman, Rubio,Senators Rob Portman and Marco Rubio are on most short listsvo quick shots of Ryan, Christie and McDonnellalong with House Budget committee Chairman Paul Ryan, and Governors Chris Christie and Bob McDonnellv/o (2 shot of McCain-Palin assuming we have)--if not McCain was on the senate floor at 10:30 a.m. todayAfter John McCain's surprise choice four years ago, v/o Leonard Steinhorn --can backtime to SOT (dc steinhorn 1110 0614)the Romney camp is being methodical:SOT: 11:11;09 (dc steinhorn 1110 0614)Leonard Steinhorn, professor, American University ''this is a very very serious decision--perhaps his most important decision before he would become president of the united states.v/o 'b' roll of Romney HQ (if we have a different shot) or of him campaigningThe Romney camp is putting everything under a microscopev/o beauty shot of capitol hillcongressional dislosure forms show some potential running mates are in the same financial boat as average americansv/o RubioRubio owes more on his home than its worth--and he's still paying off college v/o 'b' roll of Nikki HaleyMeanwhile South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and her husband repeatedly paid penalties for not paying their taxes on time.v/o quick shots of Jindal, Pawlenty, AyotteSeveral other potential running mates have opened college savings accounts for their children. v/o ??The Romney camp's goal is to avoid any surprises:SOT:Leonard Steinhorn11:11:36IF WE CAN FIND A STILL OF MCGOVERN AND EAGLETON, MAYBE WE CAN COVER THE FRONT END OF THIS SOT WITH THAT...When George McGovern chose Thomas Eagleton and it came out that Eagleton had had shock therapy, I dont think that was what they expected to find out a few weeks after that selection. v/o Romney campaigning --with Portman? maybe the video of him campaigning with Ryan back in April-late March Some of the potential running mates have already campaigned with Romney--but for all the ideological, philosophical and other issues--it may come down to something else:SOT: Leonard Steinhorn 11:14:42You're always looking to find a vice president who may shore up whatever weaknesses you may have so that's certainly important but you also want to have someone who you are out there comfortable campaigning with and sitting in the oval office with.v/o Romney and that means Romney could chose someone out of left field:v/o Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers--should be some video of her in the political file like Washington state congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers--the highest ranking woman in the Housev/o Congressman Allen West--also should be 'b' roll of him in the political folder or Florida Congressman Allen West, who Sarah Palin said would be a ''rogue'' choice.v/o RomneyThe Romney camp is keeping a tight lid in the process--although there are indications the announcement could come earlier than normal--which would be right before the GOP convention in late August.jb ap washington(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: Jerry Bodlander-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Nicole Grether---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP file-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Bob McCall----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): none--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:Jerry Bodlander