No Ordinary Opener For O'Brien, Penn State
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Bill O'Brien has turned into Penn State's steady, even-keeled rock through tough times, but even he'll allow himself to be a little nervous before his first game as Nittany Lions coach. (Aug. 28)


[SOT/:Bill O'Brien/Penn State Football Coach]"I definitely will address throughout the week the emotions at the beginning of the game because for everybody involved, it'll be just like most college football teams in the country, a very emotional time, especially when you run out there for the first time and it's your first game.So I think if our guys can control their emotions and play within themselves and not try to be heroes and just play the way they've been playing in practice, then we'll have a shot to control those emotions early on. But it's something that we have talked about and we'll continue to talk about." [SOT/:Bill O'Brien/Penn State Football Coach]"I will certainly have butterflies before this game. I'd be crazy to tell you otherwise. I mean, this is my first football game as a head football coach. But as soon as you kick it off, and for me as soon as we start calling plays on offense and get the thing going, then obviously you're focused on the game and the butterflies go away. That's just the way it's been probably for me in a first game for my whole career, and now especially with me being the head coach."[SOT/:Bill O'Brien/Penn State Football Coach]"I just think it's been rewarding for me, personally, a rewarding eight months because I've got a chance to meet some fantastic people here at Penn State, develop a really good bond with our football team, and we've had our ups and downs obviously, but our staff is working well together, and we're just looking forward to playing the game."