No New Clues in Search For Tucson Girl
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Volunteers passed out fliers as more than 150 law enforcement officers tried to determine whether a six-year-old girl has been abducted in Tucson, Ariz. Police say her parents are cooperating. (April 22)


[Notes:TUCSON, ARIZONA -- KGUN VIDEO -- MANDATORY COURTESY -- TUCSON EMBARGO][SOT/:CHIEF ROBERTO VILLASENOR / TUCSON POLICE DEPT.]"we have really had a variety of personnel out at different locations canvassing the neighborhoods....canvassing businesses...seeing if we can find any commercial or video of interest....we have been handing out descriptive flyers and...we've been handing out descriptive flyers and pictures....information on it....stepping up and helping us with that just done a fabulous job stepping up....and helping us with that takes a lot....of staffing to do this....door by door search....the family has been cooperating with us....with detectives at this point...not ruling anything allow us to do that either way.....we have a location that could be a possible location of entry....don't want to discuss it....if we start going down one path...sets our way of think...keeping our mind this what indicates abduction...we have other things we look at....did she walk off...we try to keep our mind open to all of it....keep doors open....suspicious....look at all different angles."(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: Ned Barker---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: kgun-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ned barker----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: courtesy ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): tucson, arizona--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: a0760BC-US--Tucson-Missing Girl, 10th Ld-Writethru