No Deal Yet As Chicago Teachers Strike Continues
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Representatives from the Chicago Teachers Union and the district returned to the bargaining table today as the teachers' strike entered its second day. More than 25,000 teachers are on strike for the first time in a quarter century. (Sept. 11)


[SOT/]Shot list: Medium shot of teachers in red t-shirts (mostly shot from behind, looking out at traffic in front of them) holding signs and screaming for attention. Lots of vehicles pass by, honking-cars, trucks, CTA city buses.More shots of teachers/signs/vehicles honking-various faces and anglesSOTs /Allison Beaulieu (Bullier). Seventh year as CPS teacher. Teaches kindergarten through 8th grade art at Dett Elementary School on Chicago's west side. Also teaches technology. " I do believe we're getting criticized unfairly, because we are not greedy people. We're extremely passionate. I wouldn't do this job for the money. I don't get paid $71 thousand dollars a year, and I don't know of anyone else-over here on my staff-anyone else that does. And we feel like the press is really coming-bashing us a little bit, and telling us that we're lazy, when we're obviously not. We've been out here since 6:30 in the morning. We get to school on time every day. We are extremely hard-working. And we're there for our students."Medium close-up, front-on of teachers holding signs, chanting/yelling at passing cars "Hey, hey. Ho ho. Rahm Emanuel's got to go."Close-up: " " " " " "Wide shot of intersection…teachers on both visible corners, honking (in support) traffic passing through the intersection. Teachers cheer the honks.Close-up: (from behind) Teachers holding signs/chanting. CTA city bus passes and honks. Teachers: "Thank you. Thank you." Then more "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Rahm Emanuel's got to go."Medium shot front-on teachers: "Hey hey ho ho Rahm's got to go"SOTs /Allison Beaulieu (Bullier). Seventh year as CPS teacher. Teaches kindergarten through 8th grade art at Dett Elementary School on Chicago's west side. Also teaches technology. "We are here for the students. And this is why we're teachers. We believe in education. And we believe in public education. And we believe in fairness.""So we would just like for them (parents) to support us in our cause in making their school better.""I would really invite the Mayor to come into my specific school, my specific classroom and see the amount of students that are in my room (32, but she has had as many as 39) at a time, the working conditions that we have, and the lack of support from him. And if he believes in things like merit-based pay, I would invite him to do the same. He can take merit-based pay if he would like, and then I would follow suit. But until he does, I'm not going to.""Class size is one of the main issues that needs to be resolved. Our raise is one of the issues that I've heard is getting better, but I don't think that they've come to an agreement on that.""I would like that we have books on the first day of school, proper working conditions inside the school. And we just want an overall fair contract." (****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: davie---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ap-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: mccall----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MEDIA EMBARGO (S): none--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: v8556AP-IL--Right Now,1363