Nitric Oxide for Premature Babies
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This medical video looks into the use of Nitric Oxide on premature babies (preemies)


Jennifer Matthews: Jorge, Linda, and their daughter, Sara, look like any other family of three. Linda Ramos: It's the best thing. There's nothing better than being a mom. I can honestly say. Jorge Ramos: It gives you a reason to live. You come home. You have something to look forward to. Jennifer Matthews: But Sara's entry into the world was quite an event. She was born three months early and weighed less than two pounds. This was her first dress, her first diaper and her first bathtub. Linda Ramos: I didn't realize all the complications that were involved. I didn't realize all the risks. Jennifer Matthews: One of those risks is lung disease, a common condition in preemies. Michael D. Schreiber: It leads to an increased likelihood of developing asthma, an increased susceptibility to infections, and severe chronic lung disease can be associated with poor brain function later on. Jennifer Matthews: Sara received an investigative treatment that Doctor Michael Schreiber was studying to reduce lung disease in preemies, nitric oxide. Michael D. Schreiber: Nitric oxide is an anti-inflammatory, and inflammation plays a major role in the development of chronic lung disease. Jennifer Matthews: A recent study shows a continuous dose of nitric oxide for one week reduced the risk of lung disease in preemies by 25% and reduced brain bleeds, another common risk by nearly 50%. Michael D. Schreiber: I think it is one more tool that the neonatologists will have to help improve outcomes for these tiny little babies. Jennifer Matthews: It worked for Sara. Linda Ramos: We've had everything good, all good turnouts and you can't ask for more than that. Jennifer Matthews: This is Jennifer Matthews reporting.