Nipple Piercing And Breastfeeding
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How does body piercing affect your pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding? Haute Mama talks with expert piercer Maria Tash to find out


Tatyana: Hi! I'm Tatyana. This is Haute Mama, the maternity life style series that offers you diet, style, beauty and product advice to keep you one haute mama. There are many fashion forward women with pierced nipples who obviously become pregnant over time and decide to breastfeed, so what can happen with that, you're going to have to remove them or will the milk spray out. I have heard stories where women have had piercings and they lose sensitivity behind the nipple, do these things happen? Maria Tash: You can lactate out of the sides of the piercing. We generally suggest you take it out if the piercing is well healed. And a lot of people are scared to change their jewelry, it really shouldn't be. You can just snap it open, do your thing, put it back and sap it shot. Tatyana: Are these also nipple rings? What are these ones? Maria Tash: Vertical clit hood jewelry. Tatyana: That would be this. Maria Tash: This is obviously how babies exit the body. Tatyana: We have to remove that while a baby is-when they are crowning their skull gets scratched potentially. Maria Tash: I have had clients who have kept their jewelry and it seems to be on the basis of how liberal the doctor is. A lot of doctors don't want any issues with anything in the way, they'll ask you to remove it or a lot of times people come and re-remove it and they put it in after giving birth. Tatyana: Maria, thank you so much for educating me and everybody else about what to do when you become pregnant. For more information, visit