Newborn Hearing Tests
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If a baby is born with a hearing defect, it could go undetected for many months. The Baby Channel witnessed a program at a San Diego hospital that tests all newborn babies before their parents take them home.


Dana Greenia: Here in California we have this called the new born hearing screening program. And it has been developed so that we can test all new born’s for hearing last prior to discharge. These are infants that are in patience before they go home with the mom or the family; we want to provide this quick test to detect for any kinds of hearing problems. Michelle Hosfield: Well first of all we started with the right ear and we tested 5 frequencies they range from 5000 to 2000 hertz. The probe that we placed in the babies ear is fairly small, and we do have to disposable probe tips we have 2 sizes, the pediatric size for our smaller babies intensive care unit and our standard size probe tips such as this one that we would use for a lot babies and this blue probe has two tiny speakers the first speaker transmits the 5 frequencies again one at a time, it travel to the inner ear, which is the Cochlear and the Cochlear is responds for the baby in the form of like a vibration or an echo to each frequency. Now that response travels back and is picked up by the second speaker and it gives us the response on the screen whether it has or reformed that’s what we look for each baby. Lori Martin: The result is fine some over it is he passed his hearing test with flying colour and I am extremely happy about that one thing is as a new mom to have to worry about. Dr. Nancy Right: we used to do it just for babies who are in intensive care, now we have expanded it to do every single new born, hopefully to catch them early and get them to their appropriate help before it’s too late. Dana Greenia: Because hearing loss can be invisible in the new the new born, 50% of hearing loss is not due to medical problem such as many meningitis or history of hearing loss in the family such as deafness. Lori Martin: I think it’s wonderful that they are able to monitor something so early so that you know right away in first week of life for that you can have any obstacles to hurdles to get over then you can start looking at the proper medical attention right away.