New York School Cancels Prom Condom Giveaway
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A high school in New York planned to give out 500 condoms at prom to promote safe sex, but the principle changed his mind.


(Image source: NVHealthcare )   BY KERRY LEARY ANCHOR CANDICE AVILES   One New York high school planned to have 500 condoms available for students when they left prom. But the controversial party favors will no longer be handed out. WABC reports... REPORTER: After the contraceptive concept picked up steam, Rascoe told eyewitness news exclusively that he was backing down. RASCOE: I don't want to do anything that is against DOE policy. Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory School teamed up with NuVo condoms to make them available after prom for all students. The planned distribution was part of a safer sex education program the school planned for the weeks leading up to prom. WNBC asked passersby what they thought about the program. WOMAN: “It’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m not saying it’s going to happen on that night, but why not, because that’s what is on people’s minds.” MAN:  "You expect them to stay focused on school. By giving them condoms it's like you're kind of telling them to have it but use protection." But according to the Bed-Stuy Patch , a principal from a different East New York high school says …    “ … every Friday at the end of the school day, without fail, there’s a long line outside of the nurse’s office of kids waiting to grab a handful of free condoms.” Some parents weren’t comfortable with the idea of condoms at prom. A Fox News correspondent believes the number one reason kids abstain from sex is their faith and the relationship with their parents. “Parents have the right of the moral upbringing of their children. This is a case where this school and other schools are overstepping their boundaries and reaching into an area that is a parental responsibility.” According to a survey from Seventeen Magazine and the Centers for Disease Control, 14 percent of girls have sex on prom night. And according to a writer for The Christian Science Monitor sex isn’t the main problem at prom… “The real alcohol. Fifty-three percent of students told researchers that they had more than four drinks on prom night.  And the number of teens who die in alcohol-related accidents on prom night is in the hundreds.” MSNBC reports NuVo is offering the condom distribution to other high schools in the New York area... but none have shown interest.